Wash This! – How Do YOU Add Value to Your Sales?

Category: Breakout Session
: None
Activity Level:  Low
Time: 45 minutes to 2 hours
Location: Indoor / Outdoor

A Glimpse into Wash This!:

Adding value to sales and coming up with creative ideas for selling is many times the difference between a good sales team and a great one.

Wash This! is a creative selling activity in which participants are told to find a way to sell 10,000 used washing machines.

Almost any object could be used in place of a washing machine – used computer monitors, construction cones, old phone books, etc.

Some Details :

Participants given a few minutes to individually come up with ways to sell the washing machines.  When the time is up, individuals will join to form groups who then are told to come up with the best idea with a focus on adding value to the end customer. Each group must put together a 30 second presentation and a piece of marketing material – flyer, website, etc, to support the product.

The groups vote upon the best idea, best added value and the best presentation.

Ideas that groups come up with are varied – fish bowls for ocean fish, including wave action, very large jack-in-the-boxes, retro decorative planters, etc.

Who should choose this breakout session?

Anyone wanting their sales team to see the benefit of working together and sharing ideas to create a better end result for the customer.  Additionally, helping the sales people experience how to add value to simple items will help them add value to their own products or services and examine assumptions and beliefs.

What will the group learn from Wash This!?

  1. The benefits of working together to be creative in problem solving.
  2. How to look at a ‘known’ item and discover hidden possibilities.
  3. Approaching creativity as a group can be more beneficial than alone.
  4. Finding the hidden added value is essential for sales success.