Off Road Executive Adventure

Why Immersion?


Just like learning a language, (re)learning to lead, trust, communicate and reconnect with what is most important in life is best learned when jumping in.

What is the ‘Off Road Immersion Program’?

A complete off-road adventure team building experience that will take participants on a journey of personal and group development over one to three days.

What is the Goal of the Off Road Immersion Program?

To use unique personal and group challenges to help participants understand and achieve excellence in leadership, which can mean following at times, living outside your comfort zone and putting others in the ‘driver’s seat’.

The actual aspect of driving off-road is designed to appeal to each person’s spirit of adventure.   In addition, there is something basic about spending time in nature and seeing unique aspects of our world such as wild horses up close and 10,000 year old petroglyphs.

Additionally, providing an off-road event gets people excited about learning something again.

How does it work exactly?

The adventure begins, not when your group arrives in Reno, NV, but when they attend a meeting on the day of departure.

Sitting in a conference room where your company is located, the group will be given instructions.   Breaking them into teams, each team will open up an envelope and the race begins!

Each team will have no idea what their end destination is that day and clues will eventually lead them to the airport where they will pick up their tickets.

The race and adventure will continue from the moment they leave the conference room until they return home days later.

We customize each aspect of the program.   For example, if your group has a layover in Denver, CO, one of our facilitators will interact with them at the airport and give them additional clues to solve and materials to absorb before they arrive.

Solving clues and filling out information, they will learn about various aspects of off-roading – navigation, map-reading, etc — which will speed up the learning process when they begin.

Finally, they arrive in Reno, NV and walk outside to see their Land Rover Discovery vehicles waiting for them outside baggage.

Solving the clues and filling out information will earn them points and give the teams advantages the next day when the Off Road Expedition begins.

How will your group benefit?

Individuals will be placed in an environment that is both familiar and foreign.   The off-road Adventure process positions individuals where many of the tools available are part of their everyday world, but the environment is both challenging and unfamiliar.

group benefitThe process forces participants to utilize and augment existing leadership skills and personal strengths while exposing them to mental, physical and environmental challenges that will provide the opportunity to build a foundation for developing and/or reinforcing professional and life skills.

Additional Benefits Include:

•  Heightened self awareness
•  Understanding the difference between obstacles and limitations
•  Willingness to transcend the barrier between the comfort and learning zone.

Groups will spend time in their vehicles, but also interacting as a larger group and debriefing as a larger group. The effect is a greater sense of unity amongst each other.   Additionally, this is a better reflection and recreation of most work settings.

Who should attend?

The ideal candidate is any group looking to improve both personally and professionally.   Although not a prerequisite, a sense of adventure and an open mind are traits that will allow the learning process to begin at a deeper level.

What will my group learn?

Individuals will learn a great deal about themselves and their reaction to challenges that place them outside their comfort zone.   Throughout the course of the event participants will be experiencing situations that will offer them an opportunity to step beyond their perceived limitations.

Participants will better understand and utilize both analytical skills and interpersonal strengths for both individual and team success.

In the end, groups will discover that working together, both within their vehicle and between vehicles is the ‘road’ to greater success.

What size groups can run Off Road Expeditions?

Groups from 3 to 20 will benefit from this program.

What is the duration of Off Road Expeditions?

8 Hours to 4 days

What is the Off Road Expeditions ‘post event facilitation’?

Be Legendary’s professional facilitators debrief the entire event throughout the event.

However, the Post Event Facilitation is the most critical.   This is where learning that has occurred is put into actionable steps.

Follow Up:

Your Expedition includes support necessary for reinforcement and reminding:

  1. Each participant receives a leadership assessment.
  2. Cross-referenced leadership assessment showing strengths and weaknesses of the group.
  3. Each participant has a 60-minute coaching session with a Be Legendary Facilitator.
  4. There is one group follow-up coaching session with everyone included.
  5. Unlimited email support with our professional facilitators for the participants.
  6. Tipping Points ® generated from the Expedition.

Pricing depends upon:

  1. Length of Expedition,
  2. Location you are traveling from (airfare is included in price),
  3. Number of participants
  4. Location of Expedition – Nevada is not the only location we have for the Expeditions.

There several reasons why one of our Expeditions are inexpensive:

  1. Both lodging and meals are included in the price.   After you subtract the amount you have budgeted for those two items, the price for the facilitation is minimal.
  2. No additional costs for the personal and group growth modules.   These may include firewalking, arrowbreaking, accuracy measurements, leadership assessments and more.
  3. The price of flights is included.
  4. There is no travel, lodging or meal costs for Be Legendary staff.
  5. No charge for follow up work to reinforce message after participants are back in the office.
  6. This includes all fuel, insurance, etc to run the program.

Thank you for considering Be Legendary and our Off Road Immersion Program!