Leadership Kit for Business

A collection of the best activities we have to help participants experience leadership situations and create dynamic discussion to apply the learning back to life.

Includes all materials below, stuffed with the events below.

All training tools are made of the highest quality materials and come with a two-year 100% money-back guarantee.


Event Descriptions (Included in Leadership Kit)

Alphabet Soup

This event is designed to stimulate dialogue about how team members work together to be more efficient and effective. This event could reveal some learning related to continual improvement. What is the best way for this team to get the job done? They may learn the answer after this activity.

Don’t Touch Me

Don’t Touch Me will challenge the team to think outside the box and challenge the actual and implied rules. Warning: this event can lead to major paradigm shift. Once a team discovers the self-imposed rules they will begin to see the solutions.

Learning Maze

The application of the Learning Maze is in every area of our lives. The meaning each group discovers is always different. The basic purpose of the maze comes down to identifying how the team is treating its “mistakes” and the people who are discovering them. Stepping into the unknown is necessary for any team to grow and move ahead, how are they doing in the process? This event will shed some light on the teams process.

Perfect Square

The Perfect Square is another easy event that can be very powerful. The leadership that will emerge and the group participation (or lack thereof) will always reveal interesting insights and draw out learning from the team members. Interdependence is clear in this activity and group consensus can be difficult to reach, but very important.

Team Shackles

If people in your organization tend to work in isolation or in ‘compartments’, if information sharing or seeking a co-worker’s counsel is non-existent, then you need Team Shackles. Team Shackles can bring about a paradigm shift in attitudes toward fellow workers. The game demonstrates how the whole team can benefit if there is willingness to seek and give help. It will also build confidence within the group and disprove the notion that some things are impossible.

Trust Walk

This is one of the most powerful and, ironically, one of the simplest events. Trust Walk is about leading, following, trusting and communicating. Many styles emerge during this event. Some find it difficult to be responsible for another person’s safety and others find it exhilarating. To trust or give up control can be very hard for some people. Whatever the experience, the Trust Walk is a powerful learning opportunity.

All training tools are made of the highest quality materials and come with a two-year 100% money-back guarantee.