GroundWorks Team Building Workshop

This unique workshop helps groups – both new ‘teams’ and existing groups, examine and (re)-establish ‘the kind of work environment we want around here’.

Using a combination of Strength Deployment Inventory and GroundWorks, we help each individual heighten their awareness of their communication and what motivates them. Once individuals have a very good understanding about how they impact the group, we move on to GroundWorks.

This proven workshop is effective because we spend talk about one aspect that is important to every participant – themselves!

GroundWorks is perhaps one of our best received workshops. The workshop is based upon the Common Ground Model by Marc Porter, PhD.

The model stipulates that each of us spends 100% of our time in one of three areas:

GroundWorks is designed to identify CommonGround’, ‘UnderGround’ and ‘BattleGround’ characteristics within teams and the organization. This provides a baseline measurement for the team/culture and can also be used to measure improvement moving forward.

There are several reasons why it resonates with the groups that use it:

It is funny. People chuckle when they hear the categories.
Without defining them and asked for examples of behavior in one of the areas, for example, UnderGround, will give similar examples – gossip, backstabbing, etc. The same is true for BattleGround.
We do not define the three areas for the group, but let the group define them through several experiential activities.
When GroundWorks is run in an entire department, the new GroundRules become the underlying ‘culture’ of the department. It simply becomes ‘the way we do things around here’ which is passed on to new employees as they arrive.
GroundWorks, because it has complete buy-in from the participants, has incredible sustainability.

With a small amount of encouragement and reinforcement, GroundWorks has completely changed work environments from a frozen winterland to a sunny beach in comparison.

Additionally, GroundWorks is completely adaptable to your needs. Indoors, outdoors, adventure, urban, retreat — whatever the environment or structure, GroundWorks works!

GroundWorks is an 8-hour workshop as a stand-alone, or a 4-hour workshop if part of a larger program.

Contact us today to discuss how GroundWorks will benefit your group.