Your Legendary Year

Legendary Year

Our goal is to help individuals and teams Be Legendary, not ‘be good enough’. We are not interested in half measures and platitudes for the group in an effort to try and improve a little.

We create huge leaps forward – true advances that catapult your executive team to the next level and create a Legendary Year.

Your Legendary Year is structured using our Roadmap to Legendary, a research and experience proven method to create legendary teams and launch teams into a realm of success considered ‘impossible’.

Our Legendary Year is a minimum of 12 months in length and frequently between up to three years.

Each engagement begins with a retreat or offsite and milestones are set as phases. We use a milestone phasing so everyone knows exactly what is happening, what the metrics are, if applicable and where the group is going. There is zero mystery in what we are all trying to accomplish.

The framework we use is our simple A to B method and we use this for the entire engagement as well as for each milestone. Again, this eliminates the mystery.

The fees for Executive Launches to date have ranged between $50,000 and $650,000 depending upon the scope. This is entirely due to the desires and needs of the group and the importance of the Legendary Year itself.

See below for a brief examination of the key areas of a Legendary Year. We use our Roadmap to Legendary in every engagement.

Retreats & Offsites

A highly experiential retreat is necessary to baseline the entire group and provide them with a common experience to build upon.

Our work in this area is highly experiential and designed to give the group a common, definitive turning-point experience.

A life experience is the best possible way to achieve the results we are seeking. If done correctly, you know immediately if you have the ‘right people on the bus’, and what might have to be done if changes are necessary.

Be Legendary is not ‘be good enough’. What we provide is challenging mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You do not have time to waste with ‘good enough’.

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Individual Coaching

Some individuals need the personal touch.

At times, this is the last step before they ‘exit the bus’ but usually coaching is needed to create a similar change level in all individuals on the executive team.

Many individuals may see the need for coaching as a weakness or as remedial. Nothing could be further from reality. Our coaching is strength and appreciative-based. There are times when individuals realize they are not a good fit for the group, but it is just that, a ‘fit’. They will fit perfectly in a different executive environment.

This is to be anticipated. Not everyone will make it to our end goal.

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Team Coaching

A minimum of once per quarter, this may be a four-hour to two-day session, depending upon the individuals and the desired outcomes.

This in-person facilitation is more than a check-in and refresher. Each one is challenging.

Coming together as a group and discussing ‘un-discussables’ is very challenging. Having an outside facilitator creates a unique opportunity for each individual to set aside the past and extend trust.

These sessions are highly experiential as well, which creates an atmosphere of discovery and allows individuals an opportunity to experience ‘what I DO’, versus ‘what I KNOW’.

Knowledge does not create wisdom. Wisdom comes from experience. We create these experiences to help put our knowledge into action.

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Changing a situation or structure is far easier than changing someone’s mind. The challenge is knowing what to look for that will encourage or discourage your outcomes.

This is an essential component as we look at many different aspects of your company with both individuals and as a team to ensure we are shaping the path for change.

Providing the time to examine structures, communications, policies, etc also gives the team practice to examine the new framework they are working within and how all the pieces work together.

In most cases, examining the structures is non-threatening and ego can be more easily set aside for the betterment of the group. Each individaul must learn how to do this as this is not a value taught in most organizations.

While it is great practice, it is also highly valuable as it always becomes clear how many policies, procedures and structures that made SO much sense when put in place clearly have no business in your business.

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