Team Building Business Simulation

The Fun Fluid Factory 
The Innovation and Creativity Experience for Teams!

What is The Fun Fluid Factory?

The Fun Fluid Factory is designed to create a short-term, realistic simulation of building a business. The goal is to earn as much profit as possible and like all business, every aspect must be taken into account:

Soft Issues’:

  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Risk Vs. Reward
  • Compromise

‘Hard Issues’:

  • Revenue Generation
  • Marketing
  • Finances
  • Quality
  • The physical building – the Fun Fluid Factory Prototype.

What is the Goal of The Fun Fluid Factory?

Each team will need to earn as much money while minimizing cost, keeping safety and quality a priority.  While there is no actual danger with colored water, the water is treated as hazardous materials so spillage and leakage will incur costs for cleanup.

What size groups can run The Fun Fluid Factory?

The Fun Fluid Factory is scalable for groups up to 1,500 people. Participants are split into groups of 5 to 10 individuals.

What, specifically, will each team be doing?

Starting with the three primary colored fluid as well as clear, the group will need to use the delivery system to pump all four types of liquid through the system, minimizing waste.

The delivery system will be left to each team to design out of clear tubing, stopcocks, valves and other labware.

The fluid delivery system will need to move all three colored fluids as well as create specific additional colors such as orange, green and purple.

Learning Opportunities

Individual Goals Vs. Team Goals

Each participant is given an individual agenda that must be achieved while accomplishing the team task.

For example, one person will be judged based upon using as little inventory as possible, while another person will be judged based upon creating a stable and well built delivery system.

Another person is responsible for the quality of each specialty color produced while another is responsible for keeping waste to a bare minimum.

Compromise and Collaboration

From the beginning, the team will need to compromise in every aspect of the build:

  • What does the factory look like?
  • How will it be physically structured?
  • How amibitious will the group be in their delivery system?
  • Risk vs. Reward challenges
  • What will ‘Sell’ the prototype idea above all the others?

This activity is a true simulation in the groups ability to work together toward a common goal.

Problem Solving

Problems will occur and the problems will create costs for the team:

  • How were the problems solved?
  • How much of the blame-game occurred? Why?
  • How do we treat one another when mistakes are made?
  • Why did (or not) we take the time in the beginning to prevent the problems that occur?
  • How is this similar to what occurs back on the job


As in everything we do, quality is an issue. A quality decision is made with every email we send and voice mail we leave. This simulation help groups experience how important quality can be in every aspect.

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How important will it be to each team? That answer will change from group to group. However, every group will be faced with quality issues that must be addressed. This directly relates back to work.

  • How much thought was put into the quality of the project?
  • How important was the quality during the design, the build?
  • How often was quality considered during the project?

Decision Making

The entire simulation is centered around making decisions as a group, what that looked like and what lessons were learned that can be taken back to work and our personal lives.

  • How did the group make decisions?
  • How well did the group compromise?
  • What challenges were created, or avoided, by the decision making structure that was created early in the simulation?
  • What lessons have been learned that can be taken back to our work?


There is leadership of some sort created in every group and not all are intentional. The leadership, or lack thereof, in the activivity creates a very interesting discussion point during the debrief. No guidance is provided to the group which allows them to intentionally create the leadership that best fits their group.

This lack of leadership structure and the resulting solutions provide very interesting questions during debriefing:

What is the duration of The Fun Fluid Factory?

Four to Six Hours

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The participants see how easily personal agendas and individual goals may conflict both with each other and with the team goals.

While this conflict may be inherent in the structure of business, individuals can choose to work as part of a team, temporarily setting aside egos while still holding each and themselves accountable.

What are the long-term benefits of The Fun Fluid Factory?

While no guarantee can be made as different groups have different outcomes, typically groups go back to work situations with a greater respect for others perspectives as well as seeing ‘the big picture’.

What is The Fun Fluid Factory’s ‘post event facilitation’?

The ‘Post Event Facilitation’ is the portion of the program during which we focus on the lessons participants have learned and the effects the same types of behavior displayed during the program have in the workplace.

The corporate simulation is relevant because it focuses on the importance of exhibiting leadership, personal responsibility, integrity, ethics and teamwork in a highly charged, positive and emotional setting.

How can I learn more about The Fun Fluid Factory?

Because of this program’s emotional nature and the sensitivity we have to its continuing success, program specifics are confidential and are thus not available on this website.

If you would like to learn more about our Business Simulation, please contact a Repario Team Member for program specifics. We’ll be happy to advise you on how your organization can become part of The Fun Fluid Factory. Simply stated, there is no other team-building program available that will leave your group feeling as though they can change the world via their singular and collective efforts.


The length is variable but is best at roughly 4 hours.

Workshop Kit:

Included in your kit:

  • Two complete team kits for up to 20 individuals. Additional kits may be purchased.
  • Facilitation Guidebook
  • Powerpoint presentation for workshop use
  • Team booklet in customizable format
  • All materials necessary to put together a Fun Fluid Factory Prototype

It includes everything you need to provide a good quality, well thought out and meaningful experience in intelligent communication for your organization. We will also provide guidelines on how to connect all three events together to create an inspiring and memorable workshop.

You will also receive the following services:

  • one-hour consultation with a professional facilitator specifically to help you tailor the workshop for your group.
  • Unlimited follow up email and phone support for questions.
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee – If you are unhappy with the product AT ANY TIME, we will cheerfully refund your money.
  • Two Year Replacement Guarantee — We guarantee that the materials will stand every day use and abuse for two years. If any piece or part breaks, we will cheerfully replace it.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at 800-513-8759 .

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