Building A Dream

building a dream

We are the ONLY company endorsed by Bikes for Tykes, the national non-profit, to provide this incredible bike building event!

For every bicycle given away during your event, Bikes for Tykes gives another away! So you give away twice as many bicycles than any other event available.

The Building A Dream event is like nothing you have ever experienced – a completely unique opportunity to learn something about yourself, your group and the organization.

Building A Dream is a 2 – 6 hour program designed to inspire and motivate the participants to be the very best they can be. And not because you want it, but because they recognize the value of their own excellence.

It is difficult to articulate the feeling of seeing a child’s face when they receive their first bicycle.

It is the look of pure joy.

Bike Building EventThe kind of joy we only experience a few times in life:

  • your first kiss
  • your first car
  • your child’s birth
  • the moment you say ‘I do’ (hopefully)
  • and, of course, your first bicycle.

Giving your employees the shared experience of bringing someone that kind of joy takes a standard fun ‘team building event or activity’ to a level many have never experienced.

The surprise that awaits your group also awaits children selected through our relationship with several non-profit children’s organization. Neither know that the lessons of business and life will soon be solidified by their meeting. The kids wheel off with their brand new bike, helmet, lock and chain, and your group walks away fulfilled unlike any other workshop they have ever attended.

Program length

Two hour to two-day formats. The more participants, the more bikes — the more bikes, the more children and the greater the impact.

About Bikes For Tykes

We have partnered with the Bikes For Tykes organization, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, that began from a single thought in Naples, FL in 1987 — make a child’s wish come true of owning a bicycle.

Believing that every child deserves to own a bicycle , Bikes For Tykes refurbishes old bicycles or buys new bicycles and provides them to children from local communities.

Since 1987, Bikes For Tykes has established itself in over 120 communities throughout the US and Canada.

Through our program, you not only are able to give bicycles away to underprivileged children, you are providing another bicycle through Bikes for tykes. This means your group is not giving away a few bicycles, your group is giving away thousands!

You can see more about the Bikes For Tykes organization on their website,

Contact us at 800-513-8759 to make a difference in a child’s life and your organization.

Take a look at our satisfied customer list and you will see you are in good company!