Rediscovering Legendary Executive Teams

Executives, their teams and their organizations have the power to influence a massive number of people. However, many executives become absorbed with emergencies and the ‘pull’ of quarterly targets to hit.

It is time to rediscover the best of who each one of you are and the positive impact your team can make for your employees and customers.

Executive team building typically falls under one of these three areas:

  1. Single day workshop, seminar or Legendary Experience – see below for some Legendary Experiences
  2. Strategic intervention with a short-term solution – could be a retreat/offsite, workshop or coaching
  3. A longer term solution for building a team over a period time with several methods of work – see Building Executive Teams

The ability to Be Legendary is within each one of us. However to be a Legendary Leader, you need more than Legendary ability. You need to communicate it!

Be Legendary prides itself on creating and delivering impactful executive team building experiences that provide challenge, reflection, relevance to the business, and an altered perception of what is possible.

Executives have different priorities and pressures than anyone else in the company. Team building targeted toward executives needs to reflect those challenges and opportunities.

Through years of experience we’ve discovered that the format of an executive event makes an enormous difference in its success. If a group is merely taken to a hotel, even a very nice resort, a huge opportunity for creativity and relationship building is frequently lost. A unique format is necessary to help crack executive shells!

One Legendary Experience Samples

Half- Day Executive Team Building

Synergy through Sailing 
This four-hour sailing challenge allows executives to experience the stresses of a life-changing situation and helps the group understand motivations and behaviors that both help and hinder. A truly fun and engaging experience that executives continue to remember and draw from, long after the event.
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Full-Day Executive Team Building

Off-Road Adventure 
This legendary experience begins with a morning flight into Reno, Nevada before off-roading to see wild Mustangs, 10,000 year-old Rock Art, and historic Virginia City. During this “power day” the group has a unique experience working through a metaphor for what happens in a typical day in the office.
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Legendary Retreats

Off Road Immersion

Off Road Immersion

We specialize in creating spectacular experiences with unique formats in our Legendary Retreats .

Off-Road Executive Immersion 
This legendary off-road immersion experience takes participants on a 3-day journey of personal and group discovery.
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Cabin Fever ®
Cabin Fever is uniquely constructed in location, format, and outcome   This   three -ay, two-night event combines experiential team building, goal acquisition, personal strength development, and group bonding in a comfortable retreat environment.
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Legendar Coaching and Support



All Be Legendary executive programs and retreats provide additional opportunities to utilize executive coaching before, during, and after events to deepen and tailor learning to individuals and to cascade impact.

Our Legendary Coaches are trained in accredited coaching programs, have access to a wide array of assessment tools, and are skilled at asking probing questions that inspire and challenge leaders to move their leadership to the next level!

Contact us today to discuss the needs and interest of your special group!