Inspiring Minds

Inspiring Minds is a wildly fun exercise intended to facilitate discussion about how to effectively stimulate creativity, inspiration and big picture thinking within an organization and teams.

Participants are broken into teams of 3 to 7 and assigned a science project that they will have to study, learn, implemernt and TEACH to children aged 11 to 13 years old.

What is the goal of Inspiring Minds?

The goal of Inspiring Minds is deceptively simple – to inspire the minds of your people and the children who arrive to participate.

Inspiring our children to become more interested in education, and specifically science, is a task we must all take part in the coming years or find our society and country falling even further behind.

Inspiring adults to become part of that process is equally important and is accomplished through this event.

How does Inspiring Minds benefit your participants?

Combining your business goals to the importance of education will create a Life Application for the participants that will ‘stick’ with them forever. Impacting lives in such a meaningful way and taking it back to work is the Everest of Experience. Internalizing the message and inspiring others to create their own impact, both at home and at work.

Lastly, our society is based upon scientific improvement. This event sparks the questioning, creativity and innovation in participants, inspiring them to look at our marvelous world through new eyes.

What size groups can run Inspiring Minds?

Participants are split into groups of 3 to 7 individuals and are given a set of instructions, learning material, tools and materials to assist them in studying, learning, implementing and teaching a science fair project to children aged 11 to 13. Now it’s time for the children to present with one of the team participants. They will present their project to 3 to 5 other groups.

What, specifically, will each team be doing?

After the initial introduction, the framework for your desired outcomes will be viewed through the lens of education around the world and the US.

The participants will then witness a live science experiment on stage to wildly excited exclamations, ohhhs and ahhhs. The experiment resembles magic, but there is hard science behind it that is briefly explained to applause.

The participants then find out they will be conducting their own experiments at their own table. And not just conducting, but instructing and Inspiring Minds!

A Few Details:


Teams form, and then select key roles for each team member.


Next they must work together to come up with a strategy to effectively organize around the goal of learning every detail about their assigned science project.


Teams won’t necessarily have all the information, materials and tools they need to be successful.

Some essential items are placed around the conference room with other teams. In order for each team to be successful they must break out of their ‘silos’ and work as one large team; as one company!

Once they have acquired all their items they are charged with creating a detailed lesson plan that includes the fundamental science behind their project, the theory they are seeking to prove, the step by step process for assembling the project and the hypothesis they expect to arrive at.

The children arrive and its time to teach everything they’ve learned and prepared. The children and participants go through each project step by step, from the fundamentals of the theory to building the science project. The children watch in wonderment as volcanoes erupt, magnets tug and pull at each other and tornadoes miraculously appear!


communicationOur greatest contribution to your group can actually occur AFTER the conference. Creating a ‘sticky’ message is only the first step. Sustaining the impact is critical. When you contact us for more information, we will tell you about sustaining this program and the many options you have to choose from.

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