Executive Team Building

Legendary Executives, Legendary World

Business today demands legendary leadership.

executive team building

Legendary leadership calls for clarity of core values, the vision to see into a future bigger than any one moment or organization and the ability to communicate both.

Executives have different priorities and pressures than anyone else in the company. Team building targeted toward executives needs to reflect those challenges and opportunities.

Retreats & Offsites

Our retreats are unique. The setup for each is the same with our A to B strategy and yet, each is tailored to each executive team.

Our retreats are highly experiential and sophisticated/challenging. Check our Shakubuku for our most extreme version of executive retreats.

Your Legendary Year

While most come searching for executive retreats, what they are looking for is a a launch – a leap forward beyond where they are now.

A year-long Legendary Year incorporates all of our services – retreat/offsite, consistent facilitation, leadership development and coaching.

One Legendary Day

You need a single event during a retreat or an offsite. Something that is unique, unexpected and yet has tangible outcomes. These were made for you!

From sailing to off-roading to being stranded in the snow with no hope of help, we create One Legendary Day you will not forget.

Coaching with Be Legendary

We have a mixture of coaching services available to you, from a single session to year-long engagements. But the goal of each of them is the same, only the format changes.

The goal is to help you unleash your legendary potential. Let us show you how. We typically begin with Laser Coaching. Learn More below.

Authenticity Emerging

protective shellAt Be Legendary our job is to ‘crack the protective shell’ executives build around themselves and help the leader inside emerge and interact in an authentic way. Often, this occurs for the first time or has not happened for many years. Through this process, a critical foundation of trust is established and reinforced.

Experiential immersion programs are our specialty and, we have found, the very best way to crack executive shells. Just like learning a foreign language, learning is enhanced and accelerated in an immersion environment. Therefore, we begin many of our executive programs through ‘retreats’.

However, what follows an initial immersion retreat is imperative. We support executives and their teams in every way possible to create lasting legendary leadership and long-term success.