About Be Legendary

Be Legendary is an idea created by Repario. Repario is Latin meaning ‘renew, restore, rediscover’.

We found through our philanthropic experiences that we were helping people rediscover what is most important, what is great about themselves and the difference we are making in the world. However, instead of seeing what we are currently doing and doing more, we see only the negative, the gap between who we are and what we do compared to who we want to be and what we want to do.

This deficit mindset is pervasive in our society. However, it only takes a small shift to be able to view the world through an appreciative lens and see how legendary we all truly are in our daily lives. When we see this, we want more, and more, and more. And the deficit mentality begins to fade away. Read below for more information about Be Legendary and our approach.

Mission Statement

Be Legendary mobilizes people to live a legendary life through consistent actions that resonate with their core values.

Be Legendary Credo

Be Legendary believes in the unique and brilliantly creative power of each individual and organization, and that this power joined together with others has the capacity to change the world.

Key Elements


Awareness: People can learn to notice the world around them and what injustices need attention. Equally important, people can discover which causes align with their own passions.

Belief: Be Legendary strives to help individuals become aware of their own core beliefs and values as well as instill a belief in individuals and organizations that they have the capacity to make a genuine difference.

Courage: It is through having the courage to know your beliefs and act upon them through conscious, consistent effort (even on a small scale) rather than impulsive or random acts of kindness that shifts the status quo and leads to genuine improvement in society.

People + Technology

Be Legendary is combining human interaction and technology to benefit everyone.

We celebrate the capacity and miraculous nature of people to lead with authenticity, find creative solutions, support others, and join together like-minds. We also believe technology can be an accelerant to the human heart and that used intentionally and creatively can cascade impact to increase reach, scope, and the number of lives that can be touched.

Our 1:1 Promise

Be Legendary believes in the One for One movement. 

For every corporate participant who attends one of our Be Legendary executive retreats, we will provide a Be Legendary workshop to a young adult, age 12-15.  Whenever possible, we will also build connections between the student and executive to expand learning and perspectives on both sides.

Helping our youth understand and experience Legendary concepts and leadership is critical. Our young adults idolize fame and fortune.  We seek to help them recast their view of who deserves to be role models by exposing them to inspirational and authentic leaders and everyday heroes … just like them.

Our Legendary student workshops include an introduction to the Be Legendary ABCs, exercises around core values, engaging peer conversations, and the opportunity to convert their innovative thoughts and ideas into action.

The result is an impactful, thought-provoking experience that boosts student confidence, celebrates creativity and diversity, and showcases the importance of service to others.

*While Be Legendary donates the cost of the workshop to worthy students with promise, the student (or school ) will still be responsible travel expenses to and from the workshop location.

Be Legendary…. Changing the world two people at a time!

Legendary Life, Legendary World

We believe everyone has a legendary life within them and in fact, are already legendary. Each of us simply fail to recognize the acts we are committing!

A legendary life is built through a series of many acts, both big and small. A single act may make one famous, but consistent, intentional acts are what being Legendary is all about.

Appreciative Approach

Recognizing what we are already doing and appreciating the consistent acts commited by ourselves and others is key to this approach.

An appreciative-based approach means we seek out what you are already doing well and build upon that foundation. Once eyes have been opened and we see all of the acts being commited that contributer, versus take away, from ourselves and the group, a shift takes place. You begin to see more of the postiive actions and fewer of the negative.

Below is an example of what we mean. Please watch it and then read below.

A standard approach in business and life today is deficit-based. Meaning, we look for problems and fix them. We look at where and how communication is poor and fix it. We search for weaknesses and work on improving them.

We are appreciative-based, and not deficit-based.

Meaning, we do not identify gaps and problems and then devise systems to improve upon them.  We identify strengths and what the group is doing well and build upon that solid foundation.  This is a positive, appreciate approach versus a negative, deficit approach.

This focus on the positive, appreciative approach is proven over and over to help good groups become great, or reclaim their greatness.  If 95% of the time, the group is operating well, let’s focus on increasing the 95%, NOT examining the 5% and lowering it.  It is a very small difference with very real results.

What Legendary act will you commit today?

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