best-sellerParticipants: 10 – 35
Location: Indoor and outdoor
DIY Team Center Access:  Videos, photos, tips and tricks and more for this activity
Activity Level: High – running, voluntarily
Time Needed: 15 to 20 Minutes plus debrief – 45 to 60 minutes total
Objectives: You have the option of medium or high activity level. If medium, then participants should be instructed to walk during the exercise. If high activity level preferred, then participants will need to speed up by running.

Collaboration Vs Competition – What should a team’s strategy be?

In this game participants will discover that competitive spirit works only up to a point but it is collaboration that actually builds success.

As the game develops, it becomes apparent that working towards a common goal yields far better results. The activity revolves around a profit maximization objective. The game offers lesson in collaboration both within teams as well as across teams. Well, if you prefer to play alone, we advise you to pay attention to the Pin Up casino website It will meet you with a huge range of gambling and licensed games, generous bonuses, cashback, free spins, a loyalty program and many other pleasant moments. The casino has long proved its reliability, so playing here you can not worry about your money.

A glimpse into Win Win Win

The activity consists of 5 rounds. If you like, the 5 teams could be given names that reflect different departments or functions in your organization. The game works well for intra-departmental collaboration as well as inter- departmental collaboration.

The 5 teams are arranged around a large loop and the exercise requires the participants to collect balls from the central loop as well as from other teams. These balls represent organization profits and the challenge in the exercise is to maximize profits.

In a variation to the game, you can defuse the competition between teams by combining the profits earned across teams in each round.  In such a scenario, the teams will have several opportunities over the 5 rounds to improve the overall profits for the organization. This will highlight the benefits of identifying a common goal and collaborating rather than competing to achieve the highest possible score/profit.

Who should go for Win Win Win?

This game will amply demonstrate to your group the benefits (monetary and otherwise) that are likely to accrue for an organization if their teams are more collaborative and less competitive with each other.

If you want to create an environment in which your group takes pride in joint effort and collaboration for the common good of the organization, then Win Win Win is your platform to achieve this.

What will the group learn from Win Win Win?

  1. To need to rise above individual goals
  2. That divergent goals are counter-productive for the organization
  3. That collaboration between teams can take the organization forward but if teams compete for limited resources it is detrimental for the success of the organization.
  4. Participants will be able to reflect and judge for themselves the current state in your organization:
    • Where is this competitiveness happening in our organization right now?
    • Are there projects right now that would benefit from more collaboration?

The insight gained from the activity usually gets articulated by the participants in the conversation initiated by the facilitator after the exercise. It is critical to have this dialogue with the group because the thoughts vocalized after a team building exercise will ultimately drive home what the exercise sought to accomplish in the first place.

DIY Team Center Access

Videos, photos, current tips and up-to-date activity usage is included on the activity page on our website.  After purchase, you will be emailed a login and password with a membership for the activities you have purchased.  We couldn’t give you any more unless we were there in person to help you run it!

Win Win Win Kit:

The team building activity comes in an easy-to-use storage bag and includes the following:

  • Comprehensive information on purpose of the game, how to set it up and the safety measures necessary during the course of the team activity.
  • Suggestions for a great debrief of the activity including some possible questions that you could ask the team.
  • Professional materials necessary to conduct the activity.

It includes everything you need to provide a good quality, well thought out and meaningful learning opportunity.

With each team building purchase, you also receive:

  • Unlimited Support Monday through Friday from a Professional Facilitator.
  • Two-Year No-Hassle Replacement Warranty

And what’s more, you are also entitled to 100% Lifetime Money Back Satisfaction

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