Executive Team Building

The Cobra Program

Where Leaders are Challenged Beyond their Best by the Impossible.

Can your group do the impossible — plan, strategize, and execute the building a car from scratch in three days?

And not just any car, but a Cobra!Executive Teambuilding


During the three days, your group will:

Completely build a Cobra.

  • Learn to drive a vehicle more aggressively and more confidently than ever before.
  • Actually drive a Cobra with the direction from a professional race car driver.
  • Throughout the process, the group will need to utilize the skills that high-performing executive teams use to be successful.

Please call us at 800-513-8759 and we will explain how each one of these relates directly back to your business:

  • Race Assessment
  • Race Plan
  • Role Examination and Leadership
  • Crew Chief Role
  • Pit Chief Role
  • Pre-Race Preparations
  • Le mans Start
  • Making Sense of Chatter
  • Pit Stops
  • Checkered Finish
  • FE2 — Flawless Execution Everytime
  • Legacy Racing

Some Details:

The group alternates between Strategic and Tactical planning sessions and building the actual car in a professional fabrication shop.

During the process, participants will also have a professional individual assessment of strengths and weaknesses

Using the expertise of Dave Hanna, author of Leadership for the Ages and ith the expert advice from master fabricator, Richard Weber, groups will completely put together a Cobra in three days.

Without giving away ALL the fun details, over the three days, the group will follow this process.

Here is the best part!

Keep the vehicle as an incentive for employees:

  • Employee of the month receives the vehicle for a week,
  • Unsung hero of the month
  • The person with the greatest act of kindness receives the car for a week.
  • The last week it will sit right outside the front door for everyone to see.
  • Employees will never expect the executives to create something specifically for them and will be completely unexpected.

And what person would not want to drive a Cobra for a week?

After a certain amount of time, perhaps a year, the car will begin to lose effect as an incentive and other options are available — see below.

Alternatives to the idea above or after the vehicle has lost its incentive effect:

  • After the program is over, there are several options available:
  • Auction the vehicle off and give the proceeds to a charity of the organization’s choosing.

Your workshop leaders:

Dave Hanna

David Hanna is a senior consultant who is dedicated to improving the business results and quality of life of those who work in organizations. He has worked as an internal consultant, external consultant and program leader and is experienced in the fields of principle-centered leadership, strategic planning, organization diagnosis, high performance work design, executive development, team development and change management.

He has worked with clients in North and South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Russia. His list of clients includes Merck, Eastman Chemical, General Motors, Allied Signal, Conoco, Xerox, Marriott, Saturn, Corning, Shell, S.C. Johnson, Hoffmann La Roche, Deloitte & Touche, Procter & Gamble, Beverly Enterprises, Siemens, Novell, Metro Group, Trammell Crow and Degussa.

Dave was a senior consultant for eight years with Franklin Covey Co. He consulted with executive teams all over the world as they applied Principle-Centered Leadership. His focus was on changing the work culture to be more mission-centered as it improved its results.

Prior to joining the Covey organization, he worked 16 years with the Procter & Gamble Company in both management and consultant roles. During his P&G career he worked in the United States and Europe consulting with organizations in numerous manufacturing plants, foreign subsidiaries, Research & Development technical centers and the corporate headquarters. He consulted with a number of successful start ups and also helped business leaders turn around some serious business dilemmas in manufacturing, the European operations, R&D productivity and business unit volume/profit growth.

Dave received his B.A. in Communications and his M.A. in Organizational Behavior from Brigham Young University. He is the author of Designing Organizations for High Performance (Addison-Wesley, 1988), considered one of the top 50 Quality books in America. His newest book is Leadership for the Ages (Executive Excellence Publishing, 2001).

Richard Weber

Richard Weber was an early employee of All American Racing which was formed by Dan Gurney and Caroll Shelby in 1965. Richard, who at the time was a young fabricator who loved racing heard that All American Racing was looking for talented Fabricators. Richard who at the time was living in the Sierra’s jumped in his car and headed for Santa Ana. At the time his right leg was in a cast so he managed to work the accelerator with his crutch and the clutch and brake with his left foot. Upon his arrival at the AMA he had the simplest of interviews. He was asked to show the staff what he could do. Richard grabbed the welding gear and some material and proceeded to demonstrate his talents, which earned him not only a job but a prominent spot in the fabrication of many famous projects to roll out of All American Racing until he retired in the mid 90’s. Of course Richard could not stay away from fabricating and racing and has worked on many projects from custom components for High Power Race Planes, to the creation of his own Race Team.

In 1967 Goodyear tire and rubber Company asked Dan Gurney and Caroll Shelby to build “Indy Cars” to compete against the dominate Firestone sponsored cars. Richard was the one of the few fabricators of that time that could work with the raw Titanium materials to build the chassis of the car which was designed by Len Terry of All American Racing in Santa Ana California.

Since that time he has been involved in fabricating frames for all levels of automotive racing From Grand-Am to CART, as well as custom components for Air Racing. Currently he has his own Race team (sprint car) with not one but two 800 horsepower cars in the stable.


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