Rediscovering Legendary Leaders

The world of business today demands legendary leadership. Such leadership calls for clarity of core values, thriving corporate teams, calculated risks, and the vision to see into a future bigger than any one moment or organization.

The ability to Be Legendary is within each one of us. However to be a Legendary Leader, you need more than Legendary ability. You need to communicate it!

Cores of Legendary Leaders

There are 8 Cores of Legendary Leadership, each of which can be learned and executed to shape your people into the legendary leaders your organization needs. Here are the 8 Cores:

  1. Mindset of a Legend
  2. Legendary Intent
  3. Trust as a Foundation
  4. Challenge as the Crucible
  5. Lead by Example
  6. What’s Your Story?
  7. Leadership is a Team Sport
  8. Managing Your Energy

Legendary Coaching

Legendary Coaching is a mixture of executive, success and life coaching. Legendary Leadership can only be by helping each person examine every aspect of their life and finding the legendary areas that are already there.

Highlighting the bright spots and extrapolating them to other areas creates a positive spiral that impacts every apect of a leader’s life.

Our Legendary Coaches are trained in accredited coaching programs, have access to a wide array of assessment tools, and are skilled at asking probing questions that inspire and challenge leaders to move their leadership to the next level!

One Legendary Day

You need a single event during a retreat or an offsite. Something that is unique, unexpected and yet has tangible outcomes. These were made for you!

From sailing to off-roading to being stranded in the snow with no hope of help, we create One Legendary Day you will not forget.

Speaking Engagements

If you are looking for a guru-from-the-stage teaching everyone how to be better leaders, keep searching. Our speaking engagements are experiential and based upon re-discovery of the legendary potential inside each one of your leaders.

Speaking engagements are between 45 and 90 minutes.

Contact us today to discuss the needs and interest of your special group!