Most Popular Activities in New Orleans

building a dream

Building A Dream

For every bicycle given away during your event, Bikes for Tykes gives another away! So you give away twice as many bicycles than any other event available.

sole purpose

Sole Purpose

Making sure we understand another’s perspective and can put ourselves in their shoes is a fundamental building block in relationships.

Inspiring Minds

Inspiring Minds is a wildly fun exercise intended to facilitate discussion about how to effectively stimulate creativity, inspiration and big picture thinking within an organization and teams.


Check out some of the TOP team building events in New Orleans Louisiana

One of our absolute favorite locations is New Orleans! We’ve been hosting corporate team building activities and events in New Orleans for over 15 years. Food! Music! Culture! Your city offers the perfect venue for team building! We can plan an exciting team building event for your group at a New Orleans venue of your choice — a fun, bonding experience that will make a lasting impression on your colleagues and on your company.