Group Communication Workshop Team Building Kit

What is it?

  • Four to six hour Communication workshop
  • Workshop can be broken up into two or more sessions
  • Run indoor or outdoor
  • Highly experiential and interactive
  • Focused on using skills we already have NOT skill building

What comes with this Kit?

  • Complete Leader’s Guide
  • GroundWorks Assessment and Information
  • Let Go My Ego Activity
  • Team Shackles Activity
  • Win Win Win Activity
  • Consultation with professional Repario Facilitator
  • Unlimited email and phone support

An Experiential Journey into Meaningful Communication

This is a communication workshop with a difference. This workshop is not about communication styles or how to communicate. This workshop is focused on the communication obligations of an individual in order to be an effective team player.  It highlights the occasions and situations that warrant good communication.

Communication takes up a major part of any person’s workday. The art of good communication encompasses a whole host of interaction points like sharing of information, asking for help or offering help, coaching or providing on-the-job training to team members, working with different departments/divisions on a common project, interacting with clients, negotiating with business partners/collaborators and so on.

But ‘meaningful communication’ cannot be taught through a lecture. It is an experiential process of self-learning in which people individually evolve. The communication workshop kit has tried and tested professional methods to help you steer your team in the right direction. Each activity is specifically designed to bring about a consciousness on effective communication requirements in different work situations. All three games are enjoyable but challenging and insightful as well.

The broad steps to self-discovery:

Let Go My Ego 
The path begins with Let Go My Ego, which clearly illustrates that communication is a two-way street. It is essential for each individual to consciously respect the views of other team members and remain open and receptive to other viewpoints. A failure to establish open lines of communication can lead to unresolved disputes and often spiraling conflict.

Team Shackles 
Let Go My Ego is followed by Team Shackles where there are lessons to be learnt in information sharing and in seeking or receiving help from co-workers. This is an important aspect of communication where people-to-people exchanges lead to better performance of the organization. Team Shackles has the potential to greatly enhance partnership and sharing of critical information.

Win Win Win 
This leads to the final exercise Win Win Win which deals with the benefits of collaboration between teams as well as within a team. Lack of collaboration creates unhealthy competition for limited resources. The participants will experience the consequences on the overall performance of the group if they don’t communicate their goals to other teams.

At the end of this journey participants will pick up learning on three distinct and exceptionally vital aspects of communication.  Based on the combined learning participants will now be able to compare and contrast ‘meaningful communication’vs. ‘slack communication’.

The insights gained from the three activities usually get articulated by the participants in the discussions initiated by the facilitator after the event. It is critical to have this dialogue with the group because the thoughts vocalized after the games will ultimately drive home what the exercises sought to accomplish in the first place.

The practical aspects of applying the learning to everyday lives is what the discussions should lead to at the conclusion of the workshop.

Workshop particulars:
The workshop will require roughly 4 hours, but you can opt to run the games over three separate occasions, such as monthly meetings. Each activity takes roughly 15 -20 minutes to run, but plan for 30 minutes of debrief time per activity plus some additional discussion time after the activity.

Who will benefit from this Workshop?
This workshop is relevant for any kind of enterprise ranging from Services to Education Institutions to Manufacturing, Corporations or Government bodies. We have run this workshop with high school students as well as senior executives of Fortune 500 companies. The power of the workshop is in the self-discovery brought about by experiential learning. This type of learning cannot be easily forgotten because the workshop illustrates the practical aspects of the communication process.

Workshop Kit:
For each of the activities you will find the following in your kit:

  • Comprehensive information on purpose of the game, how to set it up, the storyline and the safety measures necessary during the course of the exercise.
  • Instructions on how to debrief the exercise and questions that you should ask the participants.
  • Professional materials and props necessary to conduct the exercise.
  • Facilitation techniques to help you create a space for discussion and learning
  • Complete agenda on how to keep the group on track

It includes everything you need to provide a good quality, well thought out and meaningful experience in intelligent communication for your organization. We will also provide guidelines on how to connect all three events together to create an inspiring and memorable workshop.

You will also receive the following services:

  1. one-hour consultation with a professional facilitator to help you tailor the workshop for your group.
  2. Unlimited follow up email and phone support for questions.
  3. 100% Lifetime Guarantee – If you are unhappy with the product AT ANY TIME, we will cheerfully refund your money.
  4. Two Year Replacement Guarantee — We guarantee that the materials will stand every day use and abuse for two years. If any piece or part breaks, we will cheerfully replace it.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at 800-513-8759 .

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