Build a Care Cart

Care Cart was designed for healthcare organizations to give back to their customers. Each team builds a Care Cart and stuffs it with goodies, all without knowing really why they are doing it or where it is going. At the end, their ‘real’ customers are revealed to the cheers of the participants and each of the carts goes to a children’s ward of a hospital or local children’s community organization.

Care CartCare Cart is a fun and interactive 4 – 6 hour program designed to inspire and motivate the participants to be the very best they can be.

Giving your employees the shared experience of building something that will give back to the community and to their customers takes a standard fun ‘team building event or activity’ to a level many have never experienced.

What groups benefit most from this event?

The program content has been customized for, with more details below for:

  • Management
  • Senior Executives
  • Customer Service Teams
  • Cross-functional groups or teams
  • Sales Teams
  • Technical Service Groups

Program length

Four hour to two-day formats. The more participants, the more carts — the more carts, the more building and interaction and the greater the impact.

Where can we run a Care Cart Program?

We can design programs that are conducted on-site, at a conference facility or just about anywhere you are or want to be!

The typical setup is in a conference room of a hotel or meeting center.

Who benefits from Care Cart?

As with all PERFECT Programs, we have tailorable curriculum specifically designed for:

Senior Executives

Almost every situation with senior executives must be carefully constructed to reflect specific situations they are facing. Every executive team is different and so their event must be different.

It is truly a privilege to provide events for all groups and that is especially true for executives as they have so much influence on the workplace. Bringing this kind of experience can be transformational to entire workplaces as well as the executive team itself.


Managing has never been more difficult. Keeping an eye on the business goals and their own numbers has, in many organizations, created too many ‘silos’ and the overall goal of the company is simply not taken into consideration.

Additionally, many managers lose focus on what is happening within their department or group that may be hindering the effectiveness of the employees.
Care Cart

Sales Groups

6Most successful sales people are very close to their customers. However, sales people, especially good ones, begin to form ‘tunnel vision’ and apply solutions to customers without listening to the customer or putting themselves in their customers shoes.

Customer Service

It is easy to lose the focus on customers and what they face on a daily basis. Even good customer service representatives get bogged down in the day-to-day grind and sometimes forget to treat every customer with the normal excellence.

The curriculum designed for this event will help customer service representatives keep the focus on the customer and have a memorable metaphor to re-center themselves.

Technical Service Groups

Service Technicians are generally an under-appreciated group, or at least, that is their perception. The most common thought is that basically they are all on their own and work alone.

The curriculum based around Service Technicians helps them see they truly are part of a larger ‘team’ that has goals beyond what each one of them must accomplish by themselves.

Cross-Functional Teams or Groups

These temporary teams must get up to speed as quickly as possible. Helping them create trust and open communication without ego is the most important step the group must take.

After trust and good communication is created, the productivity of the group skyrockets as well as awe-inspiring brain-storming sessions and creative solutions to difficult problems on typically boring subjects — paperwork flow, for example.

The energy and excitement comes from being part of a great team, not the subject of the team. This event provides an amazing kickoff to the group’s formation.

Creativity and Innovation

We have designed specific curriculum for creativity that applies to almost every group.

‘Thinking outside the box’ is very easy to say and very difficult to do. And most of us feel we are thinking outside the box. The reality is that we all have our own version of tunnel vision and until you recognize when you are using it, your tunnel vision will hinder your own creativity.

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