One Trip Digital Kit

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All digital, downloadable files, you obtain your own materials that you can easily find in one trip to a store – Home Depot, WalMart, etc. The instructions for each activity tell you exactly what you need. You can run any activity in this kit just minutes after purchase.

The fact there are limited materials has no bearing on the value of the activities. In fact, some of the very best activities are the simplistic ones. Many topics are covered – communication, leadership, innovation, etc.

Includes 8 activities that sell for $24.95 each. Purchase this kit and save 50% over buying digital files individually.

Workshop Kit:
For each of the activities you will find the following in your kit:

  • Comprehensive information on purpose of the game, how to set it up, the storyline and the safety measures necessary during the course of the exercise.
  • Instructions on how to debrief the exercise and questions that you should ask the participants.
  • Facilitation techniques to help you create a space for discussion and learning

Materials Needed: You can find all materials in one stop at a local Lowes, Home Depot, WalMart, etc!

Activities Included!

Group Juggling

If inter-departmental communication and processes are your office bugbear, then opt for ‘Group Juggling’ and you will soon witness all round improvements back at the work place.  ‘Group Juggling’ is an icebreaker and customer service activity that is 100% fun and heightens communication within teams. Group synergy is at the core of this game and it provides the foundation for participants to learn to work together and to act as a team.

Knot A Team

The purpose of this exercise is to bring group members closer together. Physically they will be close together, and the reality of their interdependence is played out in this game. Touch creates a setting for cohesiveness and teamwork, and begins breaking down the invisible walls we have around us. The tools it will take to unravel the knot are the same tools needed to overcome challenges the company or team will face.

Let Go My Ego

The power of each person to influence the success of the team is never clearer than in this activity. Overcoming frustration and resisting the temptation to blame each other will be key to moving the bar in the direction you choose.

People can find themselves sacrificing their integrity and doing the opposite of their intention. The team members must work through frustrations and differences of opinions to solve this magically difficult event. Have fun and don’t blame it on My Ego!

Orange Ball

Individuals on teams have different skill, knowledge and experience. This exercise shows the necessity of each person’s role and responsibility in order for the team to succeed.  Additionally, the team will see the benefit of efficiency and how each person is a ‘link in the chain’. This activity is also great for helping teams understand and accept ‘mistakes’ are only a learning process.

Perfect Square

The Perfect Square is another easy event that can be very powerful. The leadership that will emerge and the group participation (or lack thereof) will always reveal interesting insights and draw out learning from the team members. Interdependence is clear in this activity and group consensus can be difficult to reach, but very important.

Team Shackles

If people in your organization tend to work in isolation or in ‘compartments’, if information sharing or seeking a co-worker’s counsel is non-existent, then you need Team Shackles. Team Shackles can bring about a paradigm shift in attitudes toward fellow workers. The game demonstrates how the whole team can benefit if there is willingness to seek and give help. It will also build confidence within the group and disprove the notion that some things are impossible.

Tied In Knots

Decision-making and consensus building techniques go hand-in-hand. Tied in Knots will facilitate decision making as a group. The challenge in this game is posed by a series of ropes. The exercise is designed with 10 levels of difficulty. Not only will the levels add to the excitement of the challenge but will also help participants discover their own managerial strengths.

In the course of finding solutions, participants recognize the best techniques that work for them in-group decision-making. This game will tap into problem solving skills and the ability to reason, critically assess and arrive at a solution.

Trust Walk

This is one of the most powerful and, ironically, one of the simplest events. Trust Walk is about leading, following, trusting and communicating. Many styles emerge during this event. Some find it difficult to be responsible for another person’s safety and others find it exhilarating. To trust or give up control can be very hard for some people. Whatever the experience, the Trust Walk is a powerful learning opportunity.

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