Team Communication Workshop

Communicate This!

Category: Communication, Relationship Building 
: Frame Building (Included in time)
Activity Level:  Medium
Time: Eight hours to several days
Location: Indoor / Outdoor

Let me ask a couple of questions:

  1. What if communication in your office was perfect ?
  2. What if everyone understood each other and no one questioned motives?

communication team buildingWipe the smile off your face — it is never going to happen!

Perfect communication is unattainable because we are human. And humans miscommunicate, we read into what we THINK the other person means and when we lack information, we fill in the gaps with what we THINK might be true..

A large part of the problem is that everyone thinks they are good communicators. And for the most part, we are!

So if we are all good communicators, where does all the miscommunication come from?!

After some investigation and a great amount of experience, it is clear that people lack self-awareness tools that enable them to understand and choose their behavior rather than react when faced with stress and conflict.This choice exists and yet we do not see it because we do not understand ourselves nearly as well as we believe.

This is at the heart of what creates ‘silos’ and prevents individuals from seeing the ‘Big Picture’.

To save executives time resolving conflict between teams and help teams hold themselves accountable, we have perfected an 8-hour workshop specifically designed for corporate workplaces. This workshop is an onsite, customized interactive learning experience for any size group.

Workshop Objectives
Through self-discovery and increased awareness, participants will:

  1. Understand their own approach to communication and how they unintentionally create and increase conflict.
  2. Understand how the ‘silo’ effect is created and how to prevent personal and team silow.
  3. Ease fears regarding team conflict by understanding how conflict is a source for creativity.
  4. Learn that conflict among teams can be good, but how poorly handled or unresolved conflict can destroy the workplace.

After the workshop, you can expect:

  1. An increase in the amount of positive, constructive communication.
  2. A reduction of disruptive workplace conflict, including minor personality differences.
  3. People to manage their own conflict.

Communicate This! is a highly interactive workshop with opportunities for small group discussion for participants to discuss the new information and how to integrate the knowledge into their workplace.

Help your teams discover a new self-awareness that will help them communicate better and repair damaged relationships, both at work and at home.


  • Professional facilitation by a qualified trainer.
  • Administration of a personal assessment for each individual,
  • Activities to help participants experience the value of collaboration, good communication and supporting each other.
  • Support material to hand out to each participants for further learning on their own, if they wish.
  • Follow up report with results of the workshop and recommendations moving forward to help reinforce the lessons learned in the workshop.

Contact us at 800-513-8759 for more information, to schedule your workshop and to discuss how to internally market the workshop for maximum effect.

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