Government Team Building

Team building in government provides a unique set of challenges due the structure of the organizations. The long-term mentality that so many people like to complain about is actually the greatest strength of government.

We have worked over and over with all kinds of government structures and it is clear that government employees are more willing to take the time to improve upon relationships and themselves, hold themselves accountable

However, even within government, the structures vary widely – military, county, federal, JPA’s, etc.

Beyond the the willingness of government employees to improve upon thems selves, government organizations face many of the same challenges found in corporations: containing costs, improving performance, eliminating waste and meeting ever demanding customer service requirements. We help government agencies meet these challenges by showing them how to effectively implement continual improvement processes and team building to achieve superior performance.

Successful continual improvement in government agencies focuses on transactional processes, people and tools. The failure to recognize team building as an important part of your agency’s continual improvement process is perhaps the greatest single reason why so many continual improvement efforts in government fail.

Repario will collaborate with your agency to transform the way you currently meet stakeholder requirements.

We can help you:

  • Build high performance teams
  • Implement continual improvement processes
  • Reduce interpersonal conflict
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Team building is a critical step in the continual improvement process and we can help you make that critical step simply, and effectively.

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