Firewalking Workshop

Overcome the ultimate physical challenge by using your strongest and most powerful resources.

Most people know The Office. The writers make a parody of almost every office situation. Below is a clip from Season 3 in which mild-mannered Pam walks by herself. The results are not uncommon. Watch for yourself.

Pam walks completely alone and without any additionaly framework. When the firewalk is framed properly, her actions after the firewalk can be a transformative. The honesty and integrity she displays would not end, but be something she carries forward – empowering herself .

What about you?

  • You know how you feel about the idea of walking on hot coals!
  • You face challenges every week that require determination and commitment.
  • You sometimes need extra resources and don’t know where to find them.
  • You now know where to find them!

WALK THE FIRE – The answer is within you!

If you can accomplish this, is there anything you can’t do once you put your mind to it?

Transform your fear, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs into power and self mastery at this once in a lifetime seminar. “If you believe it, you can achieve it” is the thought process behind this 90 minute seminar that will culminate with all participants having the opportunity to perform a ritual firewalk. Each participant will have the opportunity to overcome all your personal limitations and empower yourself.Fire Walking

For thousands of years and in cultures all over the world, people have walked across hot coals to honor the element of fire and bring healing to their lives. In modern times, we are bombarded on a daily basis with stimulus that is designed to break our focus. It is crucial that we actively reclaim our innate power to focus ourselves and direct our destiny, to move away from acting out of fear into a place where each action is based on a specific purpose.

It is a deep-seated human belief that fire will burn and harm you. Witnessing someone walk on fire will shatter the very core of that belief and allow you to realize that anything is possible.

For centuries we have witnessed unbelievable accomplishments by people like Lance Armstrong, Edmund Hillary, and Wilbur Wright. People who were unwilling to accept that boundaries exist. We look in the mirror and say “if only I had…..”. This seminar will show you how to stop saying “if only I” and start believing that you too can accomplish great things! Most human bodies are made up of the same physiological elements, it’s the human mind that sets our individual limits. Learn how to overcome those limits in every aspect of your life and live a successful and rewarding existence.

Don’t miss this chance for you or someone you care about to attend this seminar and see how millions of people have changed their lives and began accomplishing all of their dreams.

About the Firewalk

The Firewalk is not merely an indication that a person has learned to overcome their fear. More importantly, it is a demonstration of a person’s ability to access that infinite potential within him – a potential which, when called upon, is able to protect him or her from being burned when faced with incandescent coals at a temperature of 1200 degrees.

The Firewalk differs from other superficially similar confrontations with fear such as parachuting or bungee jumping because in those events one’s trust is placed in technology.

In the firewalk one has to trust entirely in oneself and it is that quality which makes the firewalk a truly transformational experience.

This event is about seizing the power that is already within you, not settling for less than you can be, in all areas of you life. Instead of just making a living, you’ll design your life the way you want it. You can expect to experience breakthroughs moving beyond your fears and limiting beliefs. More than just goal setting, you’ll reconnect with your true desires, so that everything you do resonates with the big picture of your life. You’ll create wealth that others dream of by modeling the strategies of successful people to create the life you deserve.

The Firewalk is not an end in itself, it is a demonstration, a proof that a lesson has been understood, a change made. It is an assertion of personal sovereignty; a concrete statement that life can never be quite the same again.

And in the team context, the Firewalk creates a simply unquenchable esprit de corps. The firewalking sales team is truly an unstoppable force.

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