Collaborative Scavenger Hunt

The Collaborative Hunt is a self-facilitated workshop by you while all the preliminary work is completed by Repario. You give us the location, some information on your company and competitors and we create the perfect Collaborative Hunt.

We ship you all the materials you will need for teams of 5 to run in a 3 to 8 hour setting. Click here (opens a new window) to download a sample passport.

We require a two-week advance notice to complete the preliminary work.

What is the workshop?

Part Scavenger Hunt, part adventure race, part learning opportunity, The Collaborative Hunt is designed to challenge and inspire participants.

Collaboration Vs. Competition — the Key difference between a traditional scavenger hunt and The Collaborative Hunt is that collaboration between individuals and teams are required to complete the course. Teams are not given all the tools necessary and must either steal members from other teams or share information.

Small teams will have to use all of their collective skills in problem solving, critical thinking, clear communication, collaboration and teamwork to be successful.

Stealing Team Members?
If one team sees another, they are allowed to take one of their tools, but the other team can take a tool in return. Since some of the clues require certain tools (i.e. GPS unit or binoculars), they will want to take tools or items from each other.

However, the tool is attached to the person holding it! So the teams are in fact picking a person to come over to their team with the assumption, based upon some clues, that the person will have the tools and skills necessary to help them.

This is a great variable that gets lots of networking opportunities for people who do not normally work together.

It is also very similar to work — when we take someone from another department, we are assuming that they have the tools and skills to help achieve our goals.

Potential Focus for The Collaborative Hunt:

  • Collaboration vs. Competition
  • Quality
  • Customer Service

Where Can The Collaborative Hunt Be Run?

Anywhere! The Collaborative Hunt is designed to be run in either urban or wilderness environments. This is a GREAT way to get people our of the building and experiencing what the location has to offer. Whether that be at the location site, or checking out the city around them.


The Collaborative Hunt can be run with a small group, but is one of the few team building programs that is better the more people you have.

The Goal

Each team is to score as many points as possible. Some clues are more difficult than others but are worth more points. Also, there are many additional ways to score points — be back to the finish early, travel a long (or short) distance — the variables are almost limitless depending upon your group.

Tools Available

Each participant grabs a backpack at random in the beginning. The backpack has several items – water, map, list of clues, scratch paper, writing utensil and another special tool such as binoculars, GPS unit, compass, length of rope, it could be many different items. These tools will be necessary to figure out some of the clues. Because it is random, each team will have a random set of tools to work with, in the beginning at least.

Each team also receives a digital camera to take photos as proof of figuring out certain clues and also for fun.

Methods of Travel

Teams can only use public transportation or go on foot.


The length is variable but is best at roughly 4 hours.

Workshop Kit:

For each of the activities you will find the following in your kit:

  • Comprehensive information on purpose of the game, how to set it up, the storyline and the safety measures necessary during the course of the exercise.
  • Instructions on how to debrief the exercise and questions that you should ask the participants.
  • Professional materials and props necessary to conduct the exercise.
  • Facilitation techniques to help you create a space for discussion and learning
  • Complete agenda on how to keep the group on track

It includes everything you need to provide a good quality, well thought out and meaningful experience in intelligent communication for your organization. We will also provide guidelines on how to connect all three events together to create an inspiring and memorable workshop.

You will also receive the following services:

  1. one-hour consultation with a professional facilitator to help you tailor the workshop for your group.
  2. Unlimited follow up email and phone support for questions.
  3. 100% Lifetime Guarantee – If you are unhappy with the product AT ANY TIME, we will cheerfully refund your money.
  4. Two Year Replacement Guarantee — We guarantee that the materials will stand every day use and abuse for two years. If any piece or part breaks, we will cheerfully replace it.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at 800-513-8759 .

See our list of satisfied customers. You will see you are in good company!