Our executive retreats are unlike any other retreat being offered today.

Each retreat is highly experiential with a focus on what you need most – strategy, execution, trust, etc – and wrapped with an experience to bring people together.

Extreme Retreats

executive retreat

Each one of our Extreme Retreats offer executives the ability to experience their AUTHENTIC self, deepen relationships. Extreme Retreats are challenging physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Through these retreats:

  • Trust is developed and deepened
  • Relationships are strengthened
  • Communication is improved
  • Clarity is gained
  • Executives are refreshed, refocused & renewed.

Be Legendary Extreme Executive Retreats are just that — Legendary!

These retreats are life experiences that create highly intense situations for both individuals and groups to overcome. These challenges are very real and have some inherent danger associated with them. Classroom simulations they are not.

Executives are used to being pampered and insulated from the ‘harsh’ world they only read about. Legendary retreats are designed to recreate dangerous situations in the safest way possible to help them regain perspective and break through their protective/defensive shell, take off the ‘company’ hat and interact with each other authentically.

We create opportunities for the group to operate on the most basic of human levels — safety, shelter, security. Moving them intentionally to the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs paves the way for clarity. Seemingly ‘important’ issues now have their relative place in the world.

Through this process and overcoming perceived survival challenges, the foundation of trust is created and reinforced. A true Life Experience occurs.

Examples of activities the group will be faced with in our different retreats:

  • Building group snow caves to survive a winter night deep in the Rockies or Sierras
  • Off Road Immersion retreat which develops leaders and creates conversation in a unique way
  • Rounding up deadly rattle snakes in remote Montana
  • Walking across 1,200 degree coals without a single blister
  • Driving off road up steep mountains with only
  • Breaking an arrow using only your throat against the sharp end of the arrow
  • Hiking through the swampy Everglades, knee deep in the swamp with alligators, bears and panthers.

While we are using these amazing formats to elicit emotions from the executives, we are also connecting them through their shared core values. Through the authentic behavior the executives are able to fully examine and share core values, finding common ground they never knew existed amongst the group.

At the end of each retreat, we bind the individuals with their own agreements to themselves and each other. This final act will help the executives hold themselves accountable following the retreat. We also provide additional and on-going coaching with individuals and as a group to sustain the momentum moving forward.

What the Next Step?

Contact us!

We will have a discussion about your group, the challenges faced and discuss the best format to create the greatest possibly learning opportunity.

Are Extreme Retreats Safe?

There is inherent danger in every activity we undertake –

  • Driving a car (43,200 avg. deaths/year),
  • Eating peanuts (100 avg. deaths/year),
  • Getting in the shower (341 avg. deaths/year).

Every precaution is taken to insure safety for the participants during the retreat. We have medical personnel onsite and emergency transportation arranged in every scenario so should there be an emergency of some kind, we are prepared.

However, the participants know none of this. They believe they are operating without a safety net, which is what allows for the authenticity that is our hallmark and what makes these executive retreats truly legendary.

Too Extreme?

Check out our Cabin Fever.

Or possibly our more traditional Corporate Retreats.  We offer more traditional retreats that may fit your group.

Popular Content

There are many topics for content we utilize in this process to help translate the learning of the Legendary Retreat back to work. Below are just a small sampling:

  • Good to Great – Jim Collins book content
  • Blue Ocean Strategies – Finding blue oceans using core values and passion
  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team – Building Executive Community
  • 20/20 Vision – Is your vision for the year 2020 clear?

These are platforms for deeper discussion.

What is the Cost?

The cost varies depending upon the format and group size. That being said, a good range is between $2,500 and $25,000 per participant including lodging, meals, gear, facilitation, coordination but not travel.

Custom Executive Retreats

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