Negotiation – How Big is YOUR Slice of the Pie?

Category: Breakout Session
: None
Activity Level:  Low
Time: 45 minutes to 2 hours
Location: Indoor / Outdoor

A Glimpse into Negotiation – How Big is YOUR Slice of the Pie?:

A high-performance team knows how to define the necessary tasks and work swiftly to implement solutions. Learn techniques to defuse conflict, gain consensus and reclaim the valuable time wasted by infighting, finger pointing and cross-blame.

Some Details :

This activity simulates a realistic environment in 6 different plants that all have projects that must be completed and yet must collectively cut $1,000,000 from the project budget.

While fun, the activity makes the participants make difficult decisions:

  1. Which projects get the ax?
  2. Who is responsible?
  3. Who will have to tell the employees back at the plant their project was cut?

How will the group overcome the inherent conflict and work together collaboratively to come to an agreement?

Who should be interested in this breakout session?

When your goal is help the group uncover behavior that would prevent the group from working together collaboratively, this is a great activity.

Examining behavior in the context of this fun activity will help groups and individuals assess their own behavior and identify if they have hidden agendas derailing the group.

What may the group learn from this negotiation breakout?

  1. The value of collaboration
  2. How hidden, personal agendas can derail communication

Taking time to fully understand each person’s situation can move a group from conflict to collaboration, as long as the agendas do not stay hidden!