Change This!

Category: Breakout Session
: None
Activity Level:  Medium
Time: 45 minutes to 2 hours
Location: Indoor / Outdoor

A Glimpse into Change This!:

We all have a perspective on situations and, of course, my perspective is correct!  Being able to honestly understand and see someone else’s perspective is very difficult to do.  Experiencing different perspectives and experiencing our own changing perspectives can be incredibly valuable to a company going through change, or simply a fast moving company that is constantly changing.

‘Chain of Command’ is a game that fosters problem-solving skills and the constant changing perspectives of the individuals involved. The emphasis is on facing challenges as a team through trust and co-operation. Leadership must be shared in order for the group to accomplish the task which creates rich discussion during the debrief.

Some Details :

The game has a line-up pattern and therefore the name Chain of Command. The facilitator indicates a strict deadline. This will simulate a fair amount of “real life” office stress among the participants. Using the many variations to Chain of Command, you can help participants discover the pitfalls of gaps in communication and to appreciate the nuances of different communication styles.

The participants must reorganize themselves in a certain order without turning around to speak to the person behind them.  This creates a dramatic difference in perspectives from the individuals as the person in the back has the best point of view, and yet is least likely to lead.

Who should go for this breakout session?

If you are looking for a session that involves thinking through a problem and solving it as a team, then choose Chain of Command. The game is based on team dynamics in tacking problems.

What will the group learn from this activity?

  1. Delivering an optimum solution within a tight deadline.
  2. To think creatively, on their feet, under pressure.
  3. That a good working relationship, good communication and trust within a team can go a long way in efficiently handling business situations.

The insight gained from the activity is articulated through the participants during the debrief