Executive Retreats on a Cruise Ship

Why settle for a team building retreat in a rustic lodge around a campfire when, for about the same price as having a quality instructor come to you, you can have your whole team attend one of the most dynamic team-building programs in the country — on a Cruise Ship!

Enjoy great food, exciting activities, lavish entertainment, pampering service and discovering exciting new places for one low price that includes our 2-day or 4-day High Precision Teams workshop, all your meals, fun activities and superb entertainment in the theater, clubs and lounges

Cruise Ship

Our standard 2-day class, High Precision TeamsTM, offers solutions to most problems that develop among co-workers. The program helps participants become more confident at decision-making, more personable toward each other, and more efficient. Miscommunication drops dramatically and personal attacks almost disappear. In the program, participants will:

  • Practice applying 28 Leadership PrinciplesTM with co-workers and customers.
  • Learn how to create a relaxed climate of communication.
  • How to build trust and respect among the group.
  • Gain a boost in confidence.
  • Learn how to change the behavior of others without raising resentment.
  • Learn how to solve problems as a group efficiently.
  • Learn how to influence others and influence the group as a whole.

What your Investment Includes

Fees for this program is $8,500 for up to 10 people, $12,000 for up to 15 people, $16,000 for up to 20 people, and $19,000 for up to 25 people.

Tuition includes:

  • 2-Days of Workshops
  • All Materials
  • Executive Coaching
  • 3-5 Day Cruise
  • Formal and Casual Dining
  • Break Refreshments
  • Double-Occupancy Lodging
  • Nightly Entertainment
  • Complimentary Cocktails
  • Free In Room Movies

Cruises leave from Los Angeles, Galveston, and Miami, but other locations are also available upon request.

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