Corporate Retreats

Executive retreats, corporate retreats, executive team building – these terms mean something different to everyone!!

So, how do we define a ‘retreat’?

A retreat is any time you intentionally set aside a period of time, away from work with the agreement that you will not be disturbed by outside intrusions. This time allows you the ability to get your group back on track, re-energized and focused.

There are many different forms of retreats and all retreats are not created equal. Although there are many ‘canned’ retreat ideas, make sure that you select your location and environment very carefully based upon the people attending.

Location, location, location

Let’s face it, almost any kind of hotel conference setting is not going to help anyone relax and is not conducive to creating a comfortable space.

Does this mean you should keep everyone happy and go to a neutral spot? No. In fact, helping the participants step out of their comfort zone is part of what is necessary to create a meaningful retreat.

There are simply too many distractions if you do not step away from your normal operating environment – cell phones, beepers, secretaries, employees, all competing for your attention.

How long should a retreat be?

This is is highly subjective and completely depends upon what you want to accomplish. You can have an innovation retreat that is only 4 hours long with a little prep work. Again, make sure it is away from work.

But you can accomplish a great deal more if you take 3 – 5 days of intensive hard work and playing hard.

Should you hire an professional facilitator to run it?

We are biased here because we offer this service. But there is no doubt the tools and resources a professional facilitator brings

Does this mean we will be river-rafting or something like that?

The answer is yes and no. Outdoor adventure has it’s positives, negatives, time and place.

Is a retreat the solution every time? No.

Can it be a wonderful experience that pushes each individual to excel and the entire group to support each other in a way we could only dream of back at the office? Absolutely.

What are some of the examples of retreats we offer?

Oh boy, we LOVE that question!

Here are some of our retreats. If you don’t like any of these, call us and let us design one just for your group!

Traditional Retreats:

We don’t provide retreats in hotel settings if there is anything we can do to prevent it or talk you out of it. Hotels are the least creative place you can choose to run your retreat and you certainly are not going to get individuals out of their shell.

Our most popular retreat is Cabin Fever.

Adventure Retreats:

These retreats are designed to be experiential in nature and are best for building trust, establishing better lines of communication, developing leadership and decision-making strategies — essentially working on ‘soft’ skills to create a better group or team.

Here are our Adventure Retreats:

Ocean cruises, backcountry cabins, posh retreat centers with spas — you will be working hard, there is no reason you cannot reward yourself in your downtime!

Contact us today to learn how we can make your next retreat a valuable use of everyone time!