Holiday Spirit Team Building

Want more than your standard, semi-boring holiday party where everyone simply talks about work?

Check out our Holiday Spirit Program!

Summary of the Program

An hour after we have begun, when colleagues return to their corporate festivities, a newfound sense of purpose and shared philanthropy bonds them. Spurred by their goodwill reflecting back through the eyes of ecstatic children, the ensuing celebration is suffused with a never before seen depth of team atmosphere.

More Details

santa claus holidayWe want the first 60 minutes of your regular ‘cocktail’ hour.

Under the guise of being judged by “community leaders,” small groups of participants are charged with devising a 60-second family-friendly, holiday-themed skit and with wrapping an assigned gift.

Unbeknowst to the participating colleagues, however, these so-called “community leaders” are underprivileged children from the local community and the wrapped gifts are precisely what each of them most desires for Christmas.

Once the skits have been played out, the adults and children have gotten to know each other one on one, and the presents have been distributed, it’s this surprise element that produces lingering mile-wide smiles on both the givers and recipients alike.

giftsFollowing that, we have one final surprise for the group to continue to allow them to give back to the community if they wish and start off the Holiday Season with true Holiday Spirit!

With Repario Ltd.’s holiday program kicking it off, this year’s holiday office party is sure to be one that’s not soon forgotten.

The key to making this a success are the skit guidelines that ensure everyone can put together something fun and engaging, yet meaningful for the ‘community leaders’.

With our success with the PERFECT Programs, you can be guaranteed a great Holiday Party this year!

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