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Whether for a small group or a large enterprise wide conference, Be Legendary has a speaker to meet your needs.

We offer several ‘off-the-shelf’ speaking topics as well as custom topics and presentations to suit your particular audience, conference theme, company initiative or anything else you might imagine.Please call 800-513-8759 to inquire into a Be Legendary speaker for your next event.

Some of Be Legendary’s Speaking Topics:

Discover Your Inner Strength

There are several events in a person’s life that is guaranteed – paying taxes, death and emotional crisis. Based upon the book co-authored by Be Legendary CEO James Carter, Ken Blanchard, Steven Covey and Brian Tracy, Discover Your Inner Strength walks participants through a system to discover their hidden emotional strength to help them through emergencies, crisis and emotional turbulence. This practical engagement also helps participants develop their strengths and what to do in the future to continue working out the emotional strength muscle.


  • The process of discovering your inner strength
  • Developing your strength through story.
  • How to re-write previous successes and failures to support you in times of crisis
  • Increasing your emotional strength through experience and discovery.

Innovate This!

Innovate This! will engage participants with the topic of innovation through the use of the most ubiquitous human element we know – the penny.

Pennies are so common we no longer have value for them. We do not pick them up off the ground because it is too much effort and there are so many.

And yet, there are several thousand pennies in circulation today that are very valuable. If we are not picking up the pennies, we will never find a rare and valuable one.

In aggregate, pennies have a great deal of value.  This situation is identical to innovation (or kindness).
There is innovation everywhere in small ideas. So small, we do not consider them valuable. And yet, in aggregate, the value of small innovations has great value.

As an organization that values small incremental improvements, seeking to ‘pick them up’, eventually someone will find the rare and valuable innovation – the one that will transform the entire company.

Through the entire session, participants have a cup full of pennies and exchange them in rapid succession. Inevitably the pennies fall to the floor but no one picks them up. At the end of the keynote, a short video is shown that shows exactly where the pennies are going and how valuable the sum total of pennies will be. This philanthropic element connects the heart and mind to innovation.

Participants will never look at a penny the same way again. In fact, every time they see a discarded penny, they will remember this session and the importance of Innovate This!


  • Understanding the hidden nature of innovation
  • Connecting innovation to organizational success
  • Experiencing the value of small, incremental innovation

The Power Of One

Personal accountability is a tricky topic to address.  Every holds themselves accountable, but no one else does!The Power of One examines many of the mores we learned as children and challenges their validity.  In the process, we show how they limit our choices and steal our personal accountability and integrity.Each one of us creates the world in which we operate.  We determine how positive or negative our world is, how fun or boring our world is and how much pleasure we take out of life.Taking a philosophical idea and creating a concrete framework for individuals to create and shape the world in which we live into exactly what we want.


  • Choosing our life
  • Understanding how easy our own power is to tap into
  • Living in integrity, all the time
  • Examining the ‘One’ and how to incorporate it into our live

Got Purpose?

As a speaker, I get to travel the nation meeting thousands of interesting (and YES…sometimes quite SCARY) new people!  I always appreciate hearing different opinions on love, opportunity, and the ‘daily grind’ of everyday life.  And in my travels, I’ve seen one thread consistently connecting those most dissatisfied with their current position in life:  Misalignment!  Those whom are missing their ‘calling’ and don’t even know it or, are not sure how to get back on track.  This inspirational presentation is perfect for those confused, in College, off track, or just plain old ‘stuck’ in a situation not meant for them.  Find Your Purpose, compass, and the roadmap back to your true destiny!


  • Clarifying your NOW
  • Defining your purpose
  • Bridging the GAP in your perception
  • The cost of doing NOTHING
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Being content in discontent

Comunication – The Key To… Everything!

Often, ‘miscommunication’ is actually simply misunderstood objectives!  This presentation helps teams uncover and evaluate communication elements, processes and styles.  In addition, organizations learn how to clearly communicate and apply mission, vision, values and other ‘guiding’ principles in a practical, trackable way!  Communication is one of the biggest areas of organizational drag and inefficiency and ironically, one of the easiest to fix!  This presentation looks at communicating in a fast paced and often electronic world.  Does your team demonstrate Clear Communication?  Can you hear me now?


  • Living your purpose:  Mission, Vision, and Values
  • The communication process
  • Communication elements
  • Me vs. Message vs. You Styles
  • Active listening
  • Using the rumor mill