Burn Your Boats

This example, although extreme, is a powerful mindset.  Burning your boats is essentially removing all excuses.  If soldiers found themselves outgunned and outmanned they would have to come up with a strategy different then strength in numbers.  When the option of retreat is off the table, ingenuity and innovation become the new battle tactics.

When we commit to an idea, we must burn our boats.  Eliminate excuses.  The ideas are as endless as your potentials.  We shouldn’t spend time contemplating reasons why we cannot do something.  Instead we should create a list entitled: Why it needs doing.  At the top of the list sits three simple words, “because you can.”

If you don’t have enough money, borrow some.  If you don’t have enough time, wake up an hour or two earlier, if you don’t know enough, learn!  Burn your boats.  If you do this, you no longer have an excuse to fall back on.

Thomas Edison often predicted he’d invent something by such a time.  He would purposefully be premature with his publications so that he would have full incentive to get it done.

Jack Foster writes, “Chances are the things you’ll regret the most won’t be the dumb things you did during that time.  They’ll be the things you didn’t do – the chance you didn’t take, the opportunity you didn’t seize, the idea you didn’t stay with.  Take it. Seize it. Stay with it.”

With excuses off the table all that’s left to do it try – and try we must.

I had a conversation with traveler and blogger Lauren Rains about stepping into the unknown.  I think she put it best when she outlined her own thoughts:

“Failure is always a possibility, but what if I don’t try, then I will never know. What if I don’t make a big difference? Well, what if I do? What about making small difference in peoples lives that otherwise wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t act?”

We are never fully aware of the ripple effect of our actions.  So when the opportunity to retreat presents itself, when excuses begin to surface, and a life of ‘should haves’ begins to manifest, burn your boats, commit to action, and take a step into the unknown.