Beginning the Legend’s Journey at NODA’s Region 8 Conference

Dare to be first – a theme that turned into the palpable vibe that lasted the entirety of NODA’s Region 8 conference at the University of Delaware.

“Each and everyone of you is a Legendary Instigator. This is a person who works vigorously and selflessly for what they believe in, motivated by conviction and not recognition,” said facilitator Chris Barba to the participating Orientation Leaders.

Beginning the Legend’s Journey is our premier orientation program initiating students on a journey bringing the very best out in themselves.

Look at every Legendary story and the most prominent thing you remember is what they believed in.

Mother Theresa believed in helping the poorest of poor.

Gandhi believed in fighting through nonviolence.

Nelson Mandala believed in ending apartheid.

Martin Luther believed in the dream of equal rights for every individual.

Steve Jobs believed in challenging the status quo, and thinking differently constantly.

“What do you believe in?” Barba asked. “As orientation leaders you will be the first people incoming freshman meet, and you will make a lasting impression on their college careers, and what they will remember most about you, is what you believe in.”

Orientation Leaders from across the region learned the concepts of being Legendary Instigators, and were encouraged to use these ideas to leverage their ability to help students in Beginning the Legends Journey.

At this conference, these Legendary Instigators learned to open their awareness to a world of opportunity, cultivate their beliefs, and have the courage to take action based on those convictions.  Through dialogue, interaction, and some courageous acts, these Orientation Leaders began to reacquaint themselves with idea of Be Legendary.

Instead of an accolade of prestige they began to see it as a journey of working vigorously and selflessly for what they believe in, motivated by conviction and not recognition.

“The world needs more of you in, the very best of who you are, and that my friends is simply legendary,” concluded Barba.