Staff Retreat Teambuilding For A Non Profit Organization

Staff retreats and teambuilding for non profit organizations are really no different than staff retreats and teambuilding for a FOR PROFIT organization.

Each group will need to ask themselves the same set of question before deciding what their staff retreat & teambuilding will consist of:

What do you want to get out of the retreat?
What are the top three business problems you are hoping to cover during the retreat?
Can you solve any of the problems you are facing with the staff that are coming to the retreat?
The teambuilding you select for your staff retreat must address these questions in order to further the goals of your organization. If not, then the retreat is simply a fun thing to do with no real meaning derived from it.

Save the good times for later when you want to connect with staff on a personal level. A staff retreat is work, simply disguised with fun games and times together.

Staff retreats and team building do not need to be adversarial. Teambuilding helps to open up dialogue and create discussion around the behavior in the teambuilding event and how that may be happening back at the office.

Put a staff retreat and some teambuilding events together and you have a wonderful combination that offers the opportunity to address and accomplish the challenges and goals of your organization; non profit and for profit alike.

Please call any one of our facilitators for more information on how Repario can help create the perfect combination of staff retreat and teambuilding for your organization. We offer non profit discounts as well as long term follow up support.