The Shackleton Adventure: A Journey of Leadership through Crisis, Survival and Success™

Adventure-based Assessment, Teambuilding and Leadership Program

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That was the help wanted ad Ernest Shackleton placed while in search of a crew for his 1914 expedition to Antarctica. It was an ad nearly 5,000 applicants (including three women) found irresistible.

Shacklton selected twenty-eight men who answered the ad and began a twenty-two month trial of wind, ice, snow and endurance.

Does your group have the skills — leadership, team building, communication to get them through a single-day simulation of Shackleton’s Adventure?

Executive Team Building

What can I expect?

This day-long adventure on San Francisco Bay takes you into the amazing true-story of the Endurance and her crew.

Both on and off the water, you will explore relevant and applicable lessons in leadership and teamwork including how to:

  • Develop a shared vision to create alignment and direction.
  • Identify your individual leadership strengths and how to assess your team.
  • Lead during times of change.
  • Foster team work and team trust.

What will my group learn? Shackleton’s leadership style and the lessons learned through this adventure are vitally relevant in today’s environment of challenge and change. You will learn and explore the five key traits credited to Shackleton’s success as a leader.

  • Optimism
  • Effective Communication
  • Flexibility
  • Leading by Example
  • Attention to Health & Wellness

What makes this unique?

Putting yourself inside the true story of these 28 sailors will keep you engaged like no other leadership or professional development program you have ever experienced. You will be captivated as you learn new ways to be a more effective leader and team member in today’s changing workplace.

The combination of 29 years of sailing expertise, world-class leadership facilitation provided by Repario , and an incredible story make this a powerful and unforgettable leadership adventure. You will sail a historic schooner and smaller vessels on San Francisco Bay. You will live Shackleton’s story and explore a proven leadership model that can produce powerful results for your own business or team.

Who should take the voyage?

  • Any leader that values an aligned, focused and results-oriented team.
  • Any group looking for an engaging and fun way to strengthen their team.
  • Any sailor who wants to understand the powerful connections between seamanship and leadership.
  • No prior sailing experience required.

The Story Basics:

In December 1914, the 144-foot sailing vessel EnduranShackletons Endurancece, left England and sailed into history under the leadership of renowned adventurer, Sir Earnest Shackleton. The expedition was to take them to the Antarctic continent, a goal which they would be forced to change. Their ensuing journey of crisis, survival and success is one of the most powerful stories of commitment, hope and leadership ever known.

All Materials and Meals Including:

  • New York Times Best Seller- Shackleton’s Way, Leadership Lessons from the Great Antartic Explorer by M. Morrell and S. Capparell
  • PBS Nova Documentary: The Endurance – Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition by Liam Neeson, Tom McNeish, Drew De Carvalho, and John Blackborow (DVD)
  • The Shackleton Leadership Workbook by LearningChange, LLC
  • Embroidered Hat
  • Continental Breakfast, Lunch and Après Sail Reception
  • All sailing gear provided

$ 795.00 per person

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