Legendary Consulting

Imagine this scenario:

A person walks into an operating room and insists up on an appendectomy.

When the surgeon begins to ask questions, the person says, “Doctor, I don’t need your questions. I have researched my symptom, spoken with my family and made a decision. I am SURE I need the operation. Just do it.

This is the situation we are faced with everyday when people call asking for a specific charity or team building event.

There has been discussion in a group, online research and a decision made about what would engage people the most. We are called after all of that has occurred, getting only a small percentage of thoughts, opinions and ideas.

The single greatest challenge we have is not being part of the inital discussion.

When we are part of the initial discussion, we gain access to the entire scope of ideas, thoughts, opinions and informal culture of an organization. We are better able to help an organization ‘on the fly’ as ideas are suggested.

We receive calls after a discussion has taken place with requests for a specifc event or specific outcomes. At this point, we begin asking questions that we would have asked the larger group to increase the Discover process

Engage Your People!

Our Consulting Process, a Strength-based appreciative approach

  • Discover times of excellence and achievement
  • Dream an ideal organization
  • Design new structures and processes
  • Deliver the dream