Downloadable Team Building Activities

The DIY Team Center is a one-stop learning center for team building, improving communication, deepening trust, leadership development and MUCH more.

You will find activities, facilitator training, resources and tools to create magical learning.  In fact, these are exactly what our facilitators use in our workshops!

Inside the DIY Team Center, you will find:

  • Team Building Activities – you receive access to downloadable instructions for every activity we offer, photos and videos about how to run each one. If you DO want physical materials, you receive a 15% discount and free shipping as a member
  • Team Workouts, building a stronger team – 60 minute learning sessions surrounding various team topics – teamwork, collaboration, conflict, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, etc.  These workouts use our products in many cases so having the materials available reduces friction a manager might have,
  • Leadership Workouts, becoming a better leader and leading your team is more challenging than ever before with the incredible demands that face you.  These workouts are TRULY workouts.  They are designed to help you become stronger, more resilient and more agile.  This will not happen if you passively watch videos and simply absorb.  You must work out at being a better leader.  This will help you do that.
  • Facilitator Training, learn the skills you need to create a great learning experience for your team!

Background on The Team Center
When I was looking for a single activity to use for a client’s new culture initiative that would be run in 440 sessions for 11,000 (in only 4 months!) I searched everywhere to find the *perfect* activity.  There were hundreds of books and thousands of DIY activities to choose from, but which one would work?  I wanted to be sure my clients looked like rockstars and get the message across in under 30 minutes.  Well, I found the right activity but it took forever.  The larger initiative was an overwhelming success and my clients indeed looked like rockstars.

This was the beginning of The DIY Team Center.  I didn’t want anyone else to have to search and search and search for great activities. I wanted to create a trusted resource for experiential learning activities so no one would have to struggle and worry like I did trying to find the right activity.  We decided to include facilitation techniques and tools as well and ended up realizing that facilitation might be the most important aspect of what we do, not the activities themselves!

As a result, the DIY Team Center is not filled with thousands, or even hundreds, of activities. You don’t have the time to curate those and figure out what works! We have only included rockstar activities that will make you look awesome and help you build your team.

The best part is that, at $25 per month, every supervisor, manager and leader in your company can have access to the tools to help them build a high-performing team!