Blended Learning And Trainings For Teams

Blended learning and training for teams can be a critical success factor in the productivity of your team.

Many times blended learning and training, especially with teams, is not only a good idea, but the only possibility if your team is virtual.

Our typical response with blended learning and training with teams is to begin during a retreat or meeting in which everyone comes together for some purpose. This is our ‘big bang’ event we use to jumpstart the initiative.

During the retreat or meeting with the team, we provide assessments that give each individual a great deal of personal information.

After this ‘big bang’, the blended learning and training begins to take shape. Depending upon each organization’s unique situation, we may provide personal coaching for some individuals, e-learning possibilities, online simulations that the group must complete and regular teleconferences which are facilitated by one of us.

Throughout the blended learning and training process, the team has access to our complete online back-end solution called Team GroundWorks.

Team GroundWorks provides the backbone for the group and support for each individual. Here, team members can ask difficult questions, apply for additional coaching, scour our ‘how-to’ section for help and interact with other individuals from around the globe to get help with the smallest details.

Please feel free to call any one of our facilitators and speak with them about our blended learning and training for teams.