Drumming Team Building


Building Teams, Building Community... One Beat at a time.

In partnership with Drum Cafe, we have brought the Philanthropic version of the conference hit.

Corporate Entertainment with drums! Why Drums?

Imagine the power of your whole company making music together!

Music has the power to transform, inspire, move and motivate us both as individuals and groups.

Drum Cafe has performed over 10000 events for over 40% of the top 500 companies, in 26 countries, making them the most successful interactive drumming company in the world.

Drums and drumming are a great way to break down barriers, create common ground and teach people the value of listening and learning together.

How is this philanthropic?
While your group is learning to work together, a group of children are nearby learning their own unity message.

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After your group is finished, they are told some of their most important customers have come to listen to them play and are introduced to the children. But they soon discover the children are not there just to listen, but to drum with them, creating a unique and memorable unity message for the group.

A set of drums are donated to the children's organization so the children and staff can continue the unity message and learning through music to other children. This allows the message to live on long past the event.

More about Unity Drumming
The team building event, is a powerful unifying message which cuts through language, gender and age, breaking down barriers both vertically and laterally with in organizations and thus enhancing communication. It is the most fundamental way to reduce stress and learn to work together, celebrate success, build community and team spirit.

Team building through Interactive group drumming is a cutting-edge tool increasingly being used in the business environment across North America to develop unity in the workplace. It is the most fundamental way to reduce stress and learn to work together, celebrate success, build community and team spirit.

Drum Cafe and Repario promises to add energy to your event, where each delegate receives a drum, and skilled facilitators will quickly transform your group into a drumming orchestra. Within 15 minutes your company will be making music together!

Opening of the the Conference
Unity Drumming is a very powerful tool that can be used to to bring people together for the very first time.

It is also a very good time to implement the message or the tone of the conference through the interactive workings of the Unity Drumming.

Break out Sessions:
The Unity Drumming is a very powerful tool that can be used to re-energize people after a very intense work session as a team building or break out session.

Right Brain - Left Brain
A Unity Drumming, high energy , interactive break out from intensive left brain activities, with music and rhythm encourages and stimulates right brain activity.Conference Drumming

Attendees tend to be left brain oriented, overusing their math’s and stats side of their brain. Intervening with a Drumming event encourages right brain activity, thereby stimulating creativity needed to think out of the box and create the energy your conference needs.

Energy Levels
During the course of any conference there comes a point, where attendees energy levels drop off. Companies spend large sums of money getting people to attend.

Lack of energy leads to lack of focus which turns into wasted money. Nothing like a Drumming “pick em up” in the middle to get attendees back on track and keep them energized.

Participants in session become focused and energized as a group and are left feeling the effect the whole day.

Closing the Event:
The Unity Drumming is a very powerful tool that can be used to leave participants with a lasting memory of the event.

Where can we run Unity Drumming?
We can design programs that are conducted on-site, at a conference facility or just about anywhere you are or want to be!

The typical setup is in a conference room of a hotel or meeting center.

Contact us at 800-513-8759 to make a difference in a child's life and your organization.

Unity Drumming is one of our PERFECT Programs. Read more about Unity Drumming and how it works with individuals and groups.

Take a look at our satisfied customer list and you will see you are in good company!

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