Sole Purpose

Ever walk a mile in someone else's shoes? What if they didn't have any shoes at all?

Shoes say a lot about a person!

What do your shoes say about you?
What kind of shoes might they be?

Making sure we understand another's perspective and can put ourselves in their shoes is a fundamental building block in relationships. We crystallize this idea with an incredible video before giving participants to impact another person in the most amazing way - giving them a pair of sandals!

During this event, your group will assemble sandals for children around the world, saving children from disease and allowing them to go to school. Providing a pair of sandals to a child without is an amazing opportunity.

Partnering with Soles for Souls, participants assemble a pair of sandals made from recycled materials that will be distributed to one of the 300 million children who do not own a pair of shoes.

A two-hour life, changing event!

First 60 Minutes:

Our Be Legendary experiential engagement includes video, participant interaction and rediscovery
that will get them laughing and amazed with how easy it can be to Be Legendary.

This first 60 minutes includes Life Application and Leaving a Legacy content tailored for your organization through stories from amazing people. This creates the ‘Why’ we all need.

Second 60 Minutes:
We give the participants the opportunity to take their first intentional legendary action by assembling sandals for a child.

Before we do this, we show them an inspiring video from Founder of our partner, Soles 4 Souls.

This video epitomizes Be Legendary and ends with the Founder saying, “Now get off the couch and go do something.” and the assembly begins!

Combine this with the Power of reCreation for more impact.

Take a look at our satisfied customer list and you will see you are in good company!