GET ON BOARD- It's all about change!

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Get On Board

Embracing change is the outcome for participants of Get On Board.

Helping your people 'get on board' during a product launch, policy change or new initiative is absolutely essential. Without everyone's buy-in, change is next to impossible. But how do you get people to WANT the change?

Change is tough. That is the belief is 100% wrong. Change we don't want is tough. Understanding our personal resistance to change is the core of this experience.

Participants will experience a 180 degree shift in their own behavior, driven by their own desire to change. If THIS is possible, what other changes are possible?

Get On Board is a unique corporate team building activity. Children arrive onsite to help the adults learn about change in small teams with one child to a team.

The teams earn points in a hysterical task-driven event. After tasks are completed, the skateboards are provided to the teams.

Both children and adults get skateboards! Each adult gets a small fingerboard to assemble and each child gets a full-size. custom skateboard, helmet, backpack, knee and elbow pads.

Get On Board is an experience that connects heart and mind to change. Participants experience a 180 degree shift in their own behavior as if a light switch had been flipped.

They experience how easy change CAN be and with the right context and debrief, applying that personal experiential shift to your change gets everyone 'on board'.

corporate team building activity

The Get On Board event is like nothing you have ever experienced - a completely unique opportunity to learn something about yourself, your group and the organization.

Get On Board is an experience designed to inspire and motivate the participants to embrace change as a natural part of our lives. When a person accepts change and some of the positive, unexpected outcomes, it becomes easy to accept change in other areas of their life like a policy change, for the 10th time!

While experiencing a positive change, your people will also give back to the community in an AMAZING way by giving a skateboard, backpack, helmet and pads to a deserving child from the local community.

Giving a 100% unique gift to a child is like an amazing Christmas morning. There is very little else like it in the world. We have recreated that feeling to give to your people and connected to change.

Giving your employees the shared experience of bringing someone that kind of joy takes a standard fun 'team building event or activity' to a level many have never experienced.

Program length
75 minutes to three hours. The more participants, the more impact and the greater the opportunity for participants to Get on Board!

5 to unlimited! We recently broke a Guinness World Record with 5,000 adults and 1,000 children in a 60 minute team building event. We are the PREMIER company to work with to create your event, large or small.

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