Corporate Team Building Events


Put a Smile a Child's Face,
And Everyone in your Group as well!


What makes Repario Legendary Events different?

Our workshops are designed with three consistent principles:

  1. Emotional Experience
  2. Life Application
  3. Sustainability

What does this mean exactly?


Emotional Experience
As human beings, we are thirsting for inspiration and renewing our connection with those around us.

We all want to do more for all of the larger issues facing us -- worldwide poverty, the declining education in the US and the lack of education around the world, as well as simply providing for those in need in our own communities.

It was hard to imagine these ‘soft’ issues being connected with ‘hard’ business issues. But now we can combine the desire to do more with improving the bottom line of our companies.

These emotional experiences are run as workshops, at conferences and annual meetings, or as company-wide culture initiative rollouts.

Here are some examples:

Building A Dream -- Building bicycles as a Product Building Simulation and giving them to underprivileged children.

Inspiring Minds -- Inspiring the minds of children to be excited about science and education through incredible experiments conducted onsite. Inspiring adults to take a more active role in creating a scientific America.

Innovating Your World -- Innovation through a realistic business simulation and ultimately judged by our most important customers -- children from the local community.

Art for the Sky -- Participants experience being part of the 'Big Picture' while creating a living piece of art that embodies the essence of your organization.

Life Application
Life Application is the ‘glue’ that brings everything together. The Life Application is critical because without it, we will not achieve our end goal -- the personal desire of each person to participate.

The Life Application must make sense both during the initial Emotional Experience and during the Sustainability segment.

Also, the application must be beneficial to each individual’s work and have personal meaning to each person. This is reflective of Repario’s philosophy of One-Life. Our work-life must support our home-life and vice versa.

Because of the LIfe Application during the Emotional Experience, participants desire the Sustainability. They WANT to keep the feeling alive inside themselves. That personal drive creates both individual and team accountability moving forward.

Legacy is the key to our world. Nothing survives without. it. In our industry we have seen countless wonderful training initiatives fall flat because there was no reinforcement of principles, no method to sustain the momentum created.

Until now.

Repario has harnessed the power of technology to achieve sustainability, keeping the Life Application alive and reinforcing the message in the original Emotional Experience. This is not geographic centric -- virtual teams welcome!

This method has three directives:
1. Keep the team members virtually tethered together regardless of geography.
2. Reinforce the work principles that create a healthy and productive team and company.
3. Continue to engage team members emotionally.

We all want to feel inspired and that we are making a difference in the world. Imagine if we could sustain that feeling for each person in your company.

Sustain the momentum. Leave A Legacy.

One or more of them may appeal to you, but it is difficult to decide what kind of workshop would have the most impact until you speak with someone about the particular situation you are facing.

Please call us at and speak with any one of our representatives about your desired outcomes and what we can do to help you acheive them.

We look forward to working with you!