Question to Answer before Team Building

There are a few steps to be taken before deciding upon a team building exercise:
  1. The first thing is decide what success will look like.
    1. What are the expected outcomes of the teambuilding?
    2. What are the possiblities?

    Some of these are outlined below.

    1. Decide upon what you want to accomplish. What are the goals you want to achieve by your team building exercise?
    2. How do you see this team building exercise helping your organzation 6 or 12 months down the road?
    3. How are you going to transfer the knowledge learned in the exercise (practice) to everyday life at work?
    4. How will you measure the success of the team building? Do you know what success looks like?


It is possible you are having difficulty answering the questions above. Unless you are a professional facilitiator experienced in team building, this can seem to be too difficult and perhaps, 'taking the fun out of it.'

But if you don't have answers, there is a greater chance you are throwing your money, and more importantly TIME, away. There will be no lasting positive impact from the experience.

Fortunately, we have taken the time, effort and expense to learn how to effectively apply teambuilding in YOUR organization. The most important aspect of our teambuilding is that we provide you with tools for further growth, not simply a one or two day fun event.


If you are interested in facilitating your own events, exercises or games, we have put together some teambuilding activity kits .

However, if you are interested in hiring a professional facilitator who can create custom exercises and transfer the knowledge learned to everyday business, you have come to the right place.


Contact us to speak more about how we can make a measurable difference in YOUR office.

Also, take a few moments and look at some of our teambuilding programs like 'Building A Dream'. Your employees will appreciate and remember the lessons learned, as well as see how to take them back to the workplace.

Team building exercises can be useful in several areas:

  1. Relatedness
    • Hopes/fear (expectations/concerns) for the team
    • Ground rules for Group/individual interactions
    • Roles and responsibilities

  2. Understanding of individual information processing styles (learning, working, communicating)
    • Learning Styles
    • Working Styles

  3. Communication (conflict awareness, listening, feedback)
    • Communication Templates for conflict avoidance or reduction, feedback,
    • Listening exercises
    • Dialogue techniques

  4. Problem Solving Tools
    • Situation Target Process
    • Process Mapping
    • Force Field Analysis
    • Brainstorming

  5. Vision/Mission
    • Templates (both graphical and linear) to construct a vision/mission statement and understanding of common goals and purpose.

Your team building exercise, or event, must have a desired outcome. If you do not, you are simply having fun. Make the most of your time!

We have some team building exercises, along with some books you can buy in our Team Building Tools.

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