Frequently Asked Questions

Activity FAQs
Workshop FAQs

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions with answers below.

If you do not find what you are looking for, we have live customers support representatives available on this site for instant messaging and via phone at 800-513-8759 .


Activity FAQs
1. What is included with each team building activity?
  Each team building activity or exercise includes:
Quick grab bag for storage and ease of use.
Professional materials and props necessary for the exercise.
Complete instructions on purpose, setup, story line, safety tips, props, variations, areas to watch and questions to ask to help debrief the exercise.
Unlimited Support Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 PST.
Two-Year No-Hassle Replacement Warranty. Details.
100% Lifetime Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Details.
2. I have received a digital file in my email, but I purchased the materials to be shipped. Will they be shipped?
  Yes, many of our products also have digital files available immediately do you can look at the information and call us with any questions you may have. Your materials will be shipped according to your selections when you checked out.
3. Can I get my items shipped overnight?
  You can have your items shipped any way you like and can see the prices upon checkout.
4. I have no facilitation experience. Can I run these activities?
  We actually had you in mind when we put our products together.
5. I am not sure which exercise is right for my particular situation. Is there someone I can speak with?
  Absolutely. Call and speak with any one of our facilitators at 800-513-8759 .
6. What if I receive my item and decide it is not the right activity?
  There are a couple of ways to prevent that:
    a. If you are not sure that the activity, ask one of our live customer service representatives on our site or call and speak to one of our representatives at 800-513-8759 .
  b. You can simply purchase the digital file for the activity (if it has one available) and check it out. If you decide it is the right one, simply call us and we will credit you the amount of the digital file.
And if you do get the wrong activity, simply return it and you will receive a full refund.
 7.  Will the activities work indoors?

Absolutely. Most of our photos are outdoors because we find that being outdoors is more fun. But our activities are designed to be run both indoor and outdoor. However, some do have some space requirements so be sure to read the description. Room size limitations are explained very clearly.

If you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to contact our live customer service representative on the site, or call us at 800-513-8759 .

8. Do you offer any free teambuilding activities or information?
  We do not have any free activities, but if I had to choose only one resource for what you are talking about I would choose Teamwork and Teamplay by Cain and Joliff. It has everything you need to build and run great team building events. You can usually find it in a library or online if you can purchase it.

Workshop FAQs
1. Are your workshops customizable for our group?
  None of our programs or workshops are 'canned'. We have created what amounts to our most popular events and created a curriculum that works best, but we always incorporate your desired outcomes so the participants walk away with your vision, not ours.
2. What kind of results can I expect from your workshops?
  This is a difficult question to answer because it depends upon your desired outcomes. However, I can tell you that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if our goals are not met.
3. What size groups do you work with?
  We can work with almost ANY size group. We have completed fantastic 3-day retreats for 5 people and for-hour programs for almost 1500 participants. Give us a challenge!
4. Do you travel?
  In most situations, we have a qualified facilitator in your area and do not require additional expenses. In some cases, we may ask that you pay for the facilitator's hotel if they will be driving in from out of town. An exception to this are our larger or specialized events that require more than one faciltator or a specialist.
5. Do you offer discounts?

We frequently offer discounts. In most cases, it is a volume situation. Either your organization is seeking many workshops over time or your group is large.

Not only should you receive a discount for a bulk amount of work, we prefer to work with organizations over time. This leads to a deeper understanding of your needs and a long-lasting relationship that is beneficial for everyone involved.

6. What about non-profits, schools and churches -- do you offer discounts?
  Yes we do. There are even times when we offer pro-bono work for some charitable organizations -- we all need to give back where we can.
7. What are your rates?
  Our daily rates range between $500.00 and $6,500.00 for one facilitator. The range is due to experience of the facilitator, the participants and the program being delivered. We are more than happy to discuss any and all of our facilitators so you receive the maximum value -- a little more experience than necessary for as little as possible.
8. How much time do you need to book and plan a team building event?
  We specialize in last minute arrangements and have facilitators conducting workshops all around the country that can respond at a moment's notice. However, some of our programs DO have some minimum logistical requirements. Give us a call about your situation at 800-513-8759 and we will give you answers right away!
Most of our satisfied current customers had MANY questions that were not answered in this list before they chose us. Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask us ANYTHING at 800-513-8759 .