Team Building Activity Kits

We have put together several kits to help improve several common areas:

Fort Knox- $2,295.00

    Our deluxe collection of Team Building Events. We have filled two reinforced, heavy duty travel bags on wheels with the materials for dozens of activities designed to challenge, energize, and refocus any team.

    The Key to Fort Knox Field Guide has concise instructions that will have you up and running in minutes. Each activity is stored in grab-bags that keep props organized and easy to find. Activities can be held in a conference room, classroom, or out in nature.

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Leadership Kit for Business- $795.00

    Includes our best assortment of leadership activities, sure to help provide great discussion among the participants and help everyone discover the benefits of both leader and follower.

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Communication Team Building Kit - $495.00

Designed to help participants experience the pitfalls of communication and how truly easy it is to fall into them -- even though we may all be good at communicating!

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Limited Materials Digital Kit -- $99.00, download immediately

Use Immediately! All digital, downloadable files, you obtain your own materials that you can easily find in your office or home. For example, masking or duct tape, a mouse pad, a coaster, etc. The instructions for each activity tell you exactly what you need. You can run any activity in this kit just minutes after purchase.

The fact there are limited materials has no bearing on the value of the activities. In fact, some of the very best activities are the simplistic ones. Many topics are covered - communication, leadership, innovation, etc.

Includes 8 activities that sell for $24.95 each. Purchase this kit and save 50% over buying digital files individually.

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One Trip Digital Kit -- $99.00, download immediately

All digital, downloadable files and you obtain the materials. All materials can easily be found in one trip to the store. The instructions clearly tell you exactly what materials you need and where to get them.

Includes 8 activities that sell for $24.95 each. Purchase this kit and save 50% over buying digital files individually.

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Spider Web -- $429.00

You've seen this activity and we are offering it again for just this brief moment.

A physical activity that also have great discussion points, we have included four different variations on the same materials.

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Walk the Plank -- $1,129.00

Walk the Plank includes some of the best activities that can be found on a low ropes course. The materials are all professionally manufactured with a great lookng finish. Warning - this activity is 7' long and 100lbs.

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Life Size Puzzle -- $629.00

Incredibly fun activity that can be run over and over to show groups the value of consistent improvement over time.

Practice definitely makes perfect with this fun puzzle that will challenge ANY group to achieve top performance.

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BoardWalking -- $499.00

This super fun activity has groups walking, climbing and using the boards for all kinds of fun!

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Coming Soon:

  • Trust Building Kit
  • Problem Solving Kit