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Communication exercises include every activity we offer, but there are several exercises, activities or games we have that put emphasis on the value of good communication.

Communication is an extremely large label that is attached to a great number of problems in life. Many times you will hear we need to improve the communication, top-down, between department, etc. However, improving communication is very, very difficult to improve.

Why? Because EVERYONE thinks they are good at communication..

It is similar to bad drivers. Bad drivers are everywhere. However, if you sat in a Saturday DMV classroom with people trying to delete points off their record, none of them would admit to being a bad driver.

The reality is that at times, we are all bad drivers. And at times, we are all bad communicators.

It takes self awareness and an honest effort to improve to really have an effect on communication.

Our communication exercises are designed to help participants become more aware of the importance of their own communication.

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Get It Together, $74.95

The purpose of this exercise is to practice clear communication and develop keys to trust during challenging and confusing times.

This event will remind people in each position what the other role feels like and lend insights to improving relations between the two.

A glimpse into Get It Together

After pairing up, one blindfolded person goes into a large circle to retrieve certain items, with only their partners instructions as guidance. The catch here is the partner must stay on the outside of the circle. Still seems fairly simple until all the pairs are in the middle at the same time.

This activity is a step beyond our Trust Walk team building exercise and helps participants experience the need for trust, the need for planning and the difficulties of communicating while being both coach and coachee.

Most importantly, this is fun!

Ideal For: Coaching, trust, communication.

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Let Go My Ego, $69.95

Spiraling conflict and a gathering storm within the team but finally a strategic solution!

High pressure, stress, conflict and divergent views that reflect the real life work place are simulated in this well thought out and remarkable mind-bender game.

Every team member is an important spoke in the wheel of an organization and wields a significant influence on the group process. In this game, team members will find themselves pitted against each others views. They must work through frustrations and differences of opinion to solve this strategically challenging exercise.

A glimpse into Let Go My Ego:

Participants will be asked to pick a partner and form two parallel lines with the partners facing each other. A bar is placed along the index fingers of the team. The team has to co-ordinate the movement of the bar based on the instructions provided. A solution for this exercise is almost impossible!

While Let Go My Ego is a 'team'- based activity, it also emphasizes the accountability of each individual and their responsibility to communicate well.

Ideal for: communication, problem solving

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Learning Maze, $129.95

A step into the unknown and a fascinating peek into group processes !

Do you have wonderful thinkers but do they buckle under pressure in unforeseen business situations? Do mistakes get swept under the carpet and forgotten? Does your group shy away from risks?

We have all heard the adage “learning through our mistakes”. Teams can now experience it through Learning Maze. Facing unforeseen situations is common in organization but it is important for a team to learn, grow and move ahead from the experience. If you want your team to discover how, then try out Learning Maze.

A glimpse into Learning Maze:

Teams usually have a very good time as they balance their way through the stones. As the name suggests the game literally involves stepping through an array of stones in solving a problem.

The planning processes that each of the teams go through in dealing with the challenge can be fascinating for the facilitator. You will also gauge the manner in which your teams deal with their mistakes and will be able to identify the individuals who discover these mistakes within each team.  

Ideal For: Coaching, communication, group processes.

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Perfect Square, $69.95

The Perfect Square is an easy event that can be very powerful. A blindfolded event represents many of the 'filters' we view the world through. With blindfolds on, communication can be difficult.

Interdependence is clear in this activity and group consensus can be difficult to reach, but very important.

A glimpse into Perfect Square:

Putting the group in a circle, they all reach forward to grab a rope that is laid down in front of them. After putting on their blindfolds, the group must form a perfect square. Once the group feels they have formed the perfect square, they take off the blindfolds to see how close they are. Seemingly easy, this activity is challenging.

Ideal For: Problem solving, trust, critical thinking, pure fun, communication.

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Team Shackles, $79.95

Overcome challenges by ‘unlocking’ the compartments in the mind!

If people in your organization tend to work in isolation or in ‘compartments’, if information sharing or seeking a co-worker’s counsel is non-existent, then you need Team Shackles. Team Shackles can bring about a paradigm shift in attitudes toward fellow workers. The game demonstrates how the whole team can benefit if there is willingness to seek and give help. It will also build confidence within the group and disprove the notion that some things are impossible.

A glimpse into Team Shackles:

This exercise has a simple setup but offers a great challenge. Within each team participants are ‘handcuffed’ to each other. The challenge is not only in each pair untangling the Shackles but in the entire team getting disentangling within a given time limit.

In this game you will notice some stereo-typical behavior among participants. Although the game requires the entire group to untangle, pairs that have managed to un-cuff earlier than others will usually not offer their help to other team members until time is running out or sometimes not even then. It was not in the 'rules'!

The game attempts to correct this behavior and develop a more supportive and helpful attitude among participants.

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Another important piece of communication, especially for managers, is coaching. Coaching peers and employees is very often misunderstood. We offer several team building activities centered around coaching. Read more...

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