What’s Your Story?


What if there was an immeasurable power that existed. This power could transform your reality.  It could bring hope, optimism, motivation, change, love, achievement, and beauty to your life.  Would you use this power, going after everything you wanted, or would you simply let it go to waste?

This power is the story of you.  It is what makes your life so interesting, so authentic, so…empowering.  Think about the structure of a story.

A story made up of chapters. Chapters containing sequences of events.  Some foreshadowing others.  Others prefacing some.  And the rest are unknown twists of irony eluding any means of prediction.

The pages written can serve a versatile function.  Those pages could be setting up events to come or they could mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

The important piece, is that we are the author of these stories.  We write them and thus live them.  And where do we gather material filling the copious leather-bound pages of the intricate chronicles of life?  We gather them from our experiences.

Actions are consistently happening to us. We tell stories of these events.  We tell stories based off our perceptions, our reactions, our interpretations, and inevitably, what we come to believe.  And if beliefs shape our reality, then the perceptions of actions of our past influence our interaction with the events of our future.

But you see, our book of life is filled with stories not actions.  And so, as moments engage in the well practiced routine of moving forward, we forget the actual occurrence and remember the stories we tell.

In some way, the authentic instance is less important than the story we put on it.  So our stories hold a pivotal role, as they serve as the context of our life.

So if something happened, some action took place, and we tell ourselves the story that we are not good enough, it begins to become our reality.  For reality is what you make it.  In some ways, reality is not the actions that occur, but the way you perceive those events.

But our stories are as malleable as the words we use to shape them.  If we are telling ourselves the story of not being good enough, the interpretation, the perception, and the inevitable belief originates from you.

You have created this interpretation.  Whether it is be based off the context of how you should react to events or some subjective opinion – the creation of this story is solely traced back to the pen of its author.  The reality you are living in is formed by your perception of past events.

In this way, we are all artists.  Our days are a constant creation.

The best artists can take an object and see it a number of different ways.  The same practice can be applied to the actions of our lives.  There are many perceptions, many stories that could be told.

Some stories take courage to tell.  A story of ‘can’ sets the bar high.  I can create beautiful art, I can be a loving spouse, I can make a difference in the lives of others, I can find fulfillment in my work, I can loose ten pounds, I can renew a lost relationship, I can be accepted and loved by others.

The ability of can lies in the story you tell.  What we tell ourselves is impossible, simply hasn’t been written yet.  It is unknown.  Those words lie in the pages to come, and those pages lie in the stories you tell.

The only thing that is, the only thing that truly exists, is the reality your mind creates.  It effectively gathers its plot, tone, imagery, characters, and theme from the content you have created.  Then, there is nothing left to do, but play out the sequence of events according to your self-created potential.

This is the most important story of your life.  Let it be audacious and unimaginable. Let it be brilliant and ridiculous. Let it be extraordinary and legendary.  But most of all let it be you – the surreal, beautiful story, written and lived by you.

So then, what’s your story?

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