The Ripple Effects of Our Actions

Ripple Effects

How far do our actions really reach?  Is there a way to measure the cusp of our impact? Or do they ignite an endless ripple effect building off the tiniest droplet of change?

Knowing the effects of our actions is quite impossible, but understanding the worth in taking them could not be more clear.  That variable of greatness will always be present, even when it comes to the tiniest or seemingly insignificant gestures or tasks.

Unmasking our legendary potentials breaks through to the most extraordinary outcomes.  In working with a Fortune 500 company, we were able to bring bicycles to 45 underprivileged children in Lisbon, Portugal this past month.

Each team worked together to build these bicycles for very special children, who until now, never had the opportunity to own one.

A bicycle is more than just a metal frame on wheels.  It is a means of freedom, transportation, recreation, and enjoyment.  To a child who has never owned a bike, this day is more than just some charitable contribution.  It is an opportunity for more.  A medium for stretching the limits, and a pathway toward endless growth.

What made all of this possible, were the actions of each team member.  With the twist of each wrench, these extraordinary individuals were building a dream for a young child.

CEO James Carter reminds us that our actions, no matter how tiny, are the building blocks of a legendary life.  If we remove the limitations of not thinking we can make a difference, then what we are left with are endless opportunities and possibilities of how we can.

It seems that in our lives we are stuck at a crossroad.  What if I don’t make a big difference? Well, what if I do? What if I make a small difference?

We can never really be aware of the ripple effect of our actions.

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