Staff Retreat Game Ideas

Staff retreat game ideas can be the most difficult aspect of a retreat.

We know because we provide retreats for every kind of group you can imagine throughout the year, from senior executives to elementary school teachers.

Perfecting the right game idea for your staff retreat can be the difference between a mediocre retreat or something truly memorable and meaningful!

Also, the staff retreat game must not only be fun but must move the group forward to create discussion that can be easily related back to work.

So often, we receive calls from someone putting a retreat together for their staff. They want a fun idea to go between a 3 or 4 hour meeting and the ball game that night.

This is a recipe for a staff retreat nightmare! Sure, everyone knows what to expect, which is why people groan when you mention a retreat. If you are going to take people away from their family, make it mean something!

Staff retreat games and other ideas can be woven into the 3 or 4 hour meeting to keep it lively, engaging and to keep the free-flow of ideas moving. But to make the game or idea meaningful you must give it the attention due to it.

If you need help in selecting just the right staff retreat game or have a staff retreat idea and would like some feedback, we would love to help! Just call any of our facilitators and they will be more than happy to help you.

If you need additional help with your retreat, you might want to look at our Cabin Fever Program.