Mission Unstoppable


Mission: Build 20 Jamis Bicycles

Team: Bain Capital

Location: Lenox, Massachusetts

Outcome: Change the lives of 20 extraordinary children

Changing Mission Impossible to Mission Unstoppable, we have launched yet another successful bike build in beautiful Lenox, Massachusetts.  Teaming up with an extraordinary team of individuals at Edgework Consulting, we set up tables where 20 large, rectangular cardboard boxes covered by table clothes sat.

Bain Capital was launching their first day of a company retreat.  What the participants did not know was that unlike the mesh of memories from previous retreats and conferences, they would soon form some very distinct and meaningful memories from this otherwise ordinary Monday morning.

Participants piled in under a large tent looking out at the sun perched just above the tree line in the distance.

“Today we’re going to work in our teams to build a very special product”, smiled Lou Edgework Consulting CEO.

Savvy in the financial industry, Bain employees exchanged slightly puzzled looks as they walked toward these white, linen table clothes with a large rectangular shape protruding from each.

Twisting screwdrivers and twirling wrenches, teams took a bunch of pieces and parts and created a bicycle.

What they did not know is that while they were attaching pedals and straightening handle bars, a bunch of very special guests were honing in on that very tent.

Twenty kids who are part of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, showed up that day to receive 20 brand new Jamis bicycles.

As the Bain participants talked about the creation of their bicycles, their attention was directed to the rear, where children emerged from the tent flaps.

Participants cheered and clapped, kids laughed and shouted, and a bunch of parts and frames were transformed into a medium to change lives.

At the end of the day children ran through a human tunnel of hurrays and hurrahs as they not only left with a brand new bicycle, but with the idea that dreams can come true.

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