Most Popular Activities in Portland

kids kart

Care Carts

Care Cart was designed for healthcare organizations to give back to their customers. Each team builds a Care Cart and stuffs it with goodies, all without knowing really why they are doing it or where it is going.

building a dream

Building A Dream

For every bicycle given away during your event, Bikes for Tykes gives another away! So you give away twice as many bicycles than any other event available.

get on board

Get On Board

Helping your people ‘get on board’ during a product launch, policy change or new initiative is absolutely essential. Without everyone’s buy-in, change is next to impossible.


Check out some of the TOP team building events in Portland Oregon

The “Greenest City in America” is not only one of the 10 best places to retire; it’s a great location for team building too. Portland’s laid-back, smaller town environment allows you to let go of the fast pace of the office and focus on how you work with your team. We can plan an exciting team building event for your group at a Portland venue of your choice — a fun, bonding experience that will make a lasting impression on your colleagues and on your company.