Cabin Fever

What is it?

experential cabin fever

Cabin Fever ® is a unique retreat in location, structure and outcomes.

Cabin fever is a retreat experience combining experiential team building, goal acquisition, personal strength development, and group bonding in a comfortable retreat environment.

Cabin Fever is accomplished in a comfortable setting in which each person has their personal bedroom space, but share the rest of the cabin.

The effects of living together and sharing the same space is incomparable to anything else you could possible do with your group, and that is without any additional facilitation.

One of our qualified professionals facilitates the framework of the retreat.

Communication, problem solving, coaching, critical thinking and trust are among the core elements that are improved through a series through carefully planned and facilitated Team Bonding Sessions.

We take care of all the details:

  • Facilitating the entire event
  • Locating the proper setting
  • Preparing the location
  • Procuring all food and beverages
  • Taking care of special needs of the participants

Where can it be run?

Cabin Fever can run anywhere in the world . Once we know your budget and number of people, we find the specific location that fits your groups and outcomes.

You may want a mountain location in Lake Tahoe, the Rockies or the Adirondacks. Or perhaps you want a beach location to give your group some sun, sand and R&R while working hard the rest of the time. Florida, Mexico?

You tell us!

You name the desire and we find it for you and take care of all the details.


Cabin Fever is designed for groups up to 15. Larger groups are possible, but will require sharing of personal space (rooms).

Cabin Fever is intended for executives and management, but has also worked extremely well with sales teams, project teams and Boards of Directors.

The Goal

There are limitless outcomes from Cabin Fever depending upon what you want. However, the framework of Cabin Fever is a progression of experiential models to improve a groups overall dynamics and ensures your group goes back to work on Monday feeling motivated and inspired.


The length is variable but is best over three days. A typical agenda looks like so:

The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, or even seriously consider them believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where that are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them.

Dennis Waitly

Day 1
1:00 PM Everyone arrives, selects their room and becomes
1:30 PM Introduction to Cabin Fever
2:00 PM Group activity
5:30 PM Team Bonding Session
7:00 PM Dinner is served. Free the rest of the evening

Day 2 
8:00 AM Breakfast/Free Time
9:30 AM Morning Session
12:30 AM Lunch
1:30 PM Afternoon Team Bonding session
2:30 PM Afternoon Session/Module
4:30 PM Free time
5:00 PM Team Bonding Session
7:30 PM Dinner

Day 3 
8:00 AM Breakfast/Free Time
9:30 AM Morning Session
11:30 AM Lunch/Free Time
1:00 PM Team Bonding
4:00 PM Leave Retreat

Sample Sessions/Modules

Below is a sample of several sessions or modules you can choose from. Several of these may seem a bit ‘dry’ for a retreat, but please remember, there are fun group activities surrounding each of them to provide the energy and fun that creates a great retreat.

1. Visioning – Great organizations understand the importance of a clear and compelling vision. The main purpose of the envision process is to create teamwork and synergy by providing a shared vision of where the organization is going. Not only does everyone need to “get it” – they need to “get excited by it.” The envision process empowers you to first discover your organization’s guiding principles – (central purpose and core values) and then create your envisioned future (your courageous goal and a vivid description of the future). A clear vision is the foundation for all strategic and tactical planning.

2. Strategic Planning — Strategic focus is very important. Most organizations face a rapidly changing marketplace that offers more opportunities and threats that it has resources to accomplish. The temptation to do everything can lead to not doing anything particularly well. If everything is important, nothing is important.

Planning strategically is about identifying a limited number of key strategic initiatives to move successfully into the organization’s defined future. Implementing a new direction will bring focus to future activities.

3. Tactical Planning — A plan is only as good as it is executed. Many organizations have a goal “setting” process, but few have created a successful goal “accomplishment” process. In the tactical arena it is vital to create a goal process that ensures success and accountability for goal execution. Once key goals are identified, the process for clearly defining benefits, success factors, goal periods, entrusting tasks, monitoring and fine tuning are key to process for goal accomplishment.

4. GroundWorks — The group will learn how to identify core team values and create a scalable framework moving forward to reinforce those values. When new or temporary employees arrive, they will learn these values because ‘that is the way we do things around here’. Truly a powerful tool.

5. Communicating from Personal Strengths – Individuals gain valuable insight into their personal strengths in both non stress and high stress work periods. Thus allowing individuals to choose the behavior that will produce the best results in varying situations.

6. Putting the ‘I’ back in TEIAM – We have been taught since we were children that ‘There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’. However, individuals are accomplishing the work that makes a team successful. This module helps groups recognize and value individual contributions and also creates a powerful personal accountability tool.

How much does Cabin Fever cost?

Costs vary depending upon the size of the group, but many times the cost is no more than you would spend putting everyone into a hotel room and procuring meeting space, plus the cost of facilitation.

Thus, you can have an incredible experience in a unique setting for no additional cost. And we take care of all the details!

What is the next step?

Simply call one of our Cabin Fever specialists:

James Carter
800-513-8759 Ext 311

Still looking for something a little different?

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